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Protagoras, OG&E (SPOILERS)


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As you may know, I've been working on porting OG&E to BoA. I'm not sure if this question has ever been answered, but in the story, was Protagoras intended to be the traitor that Clarke was referring to?


What made me wonder:

1. Protagoras has made a sculpture of a Slith Warrior for a contest.

2. Protagoras does not give you a chance to fight the Sliths, unlike Ralkan and Clarke, at the end of the "refuse" story.

3. Protagoras seems to have a slightly larger role in the "accept" version of the scenario, where you are not at war with the Sliths.

4. Alcritas did mention to me (back in 2007) that he intended to build a secret third path in the scenario, where you would work for the Sliths directly - in this path, Protagoras would have a larger role - this was dropped because at the time, he thought a BoE bug would make a scenario this large unplayable.


Now this may be evidence of nothing - but the traitor General Clarke referred to is never revealed in the scenario. Protagoras does appear briefly in "Redemption", which I have not played in a long time, so I may be missing important information. The reason I wonder, though, is that he seems more 'connected' to the Sliths than any of the other characters.



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