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I feel very ashamed to be doing this...


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I took a long hiatus from Blades of Exile a while ago, having gotten a bit tired of it, but I had a craving yesterday and wanted to try some of the new scenarios that had come out in the years I hadn't been playing. I noticed there was a sequel to the adventurer's club, one of my favorite scenarios...


...I'm stuck.


Yeah frown


Despite the fact that this scenario (asylum, which by now, with BoA out etc) is an antique to all of you, I hope there are some who still remember it... and I don't think I'll be able to get my mind off of it until I get through this.


The situation:


I need to deliver an invitation to His Highness so that Lady Penelope can get me up the waterfall.


The Problem:

The only person who doesn't respond with complete confusion to the mention of 'highness' is Penelope, who just rushes me on her way.


I am not sure where the Prince lives, but the only place I know is due south of the Forbidden Island is this house, which I can enter, that has a note about Timmy, about whom know one knows except for the Rabbit-Cooker who doesn't tell me anything useful except that he lives in a house that I can't get into. I think. I'm really confused.


Again, sorry for bothering y'all with this, but its driving me mad :S

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