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Setting the table wasn't too tough, but alphabetizing the books is. I've dropped the articles, (a, an, the), and swapped words, (Deadly <-> Goblins), and started at each of the eight bookshelves. I'm sure I've missed a combination, but just "don't get it"!

What did I miss?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

[i'm thinking of having a book burning bonfire by now!] frown

Thanx, me

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Just that I've tried all the combinations I could think of, such as: "Deadly Goblins" and "Goblins, Deadly".

The message says to put the books in the bookshelves in alphabetacal order. So, I tried all the possible combinations I could think of.

I'm probably just not starting with the proper bookshelf, or something similar.

Since there are eight bookshelves and eight books, I'm assuming the top left, (NW), (also, next to the note), is the first.

I just haven't hit the right "node" combination yet.

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