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Need help with a mathematical logic problem.

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I have a node that makes heavy use of the Random Number? node. Basically, the node goes through 8 Random Number? nodes. Each random number node has a chance of either going to another random number down the string or goes to another node that would break the string. I've made all the nodes, but every Random Number is has a 50% chance of going to either a another Random Number node or to a different one. What I want is to have every random number node have an equal chance of activating. What chance of activation to go to another Random Number? node would I need for each node would I need to give them all an equal chance of activating?

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I haven't done any testing, but I think you would go with 1/8 chance (<13) to begin with, and make the next node 1/7, and so on... (I would have it display a small message with a number for whatever "choice" it is, then spam the special a lot and see if it's distributed fairly)


It would be a lot easier if there was a "set SDF to random int" node. Maybe there should be...

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