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Batch Conversion Masking Problems

Ishad Nha

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I used IrfanView to convert Blazing Blades png graphics to 8 Bit bmp versions. So far so good, but there was a horrible masking problem, the transparent color showed up as solid white. Said problem goes away when you use 24 Bit format instead. From what I can see there is no difference in the quality of the picture.

Does anyone know how to do png to 8 Bit bmp conversion in a way that does not lead to masking problems?

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I would recommend using the indexed color mode over straight-RGB. With 8bpp you only have a max color resolution of 256 colors. If you were to use color indexing you'd still have the original image color quality (you say there's no visible difference, but I'd bet there is) and filesize comparable to an 8bpp bitmap, depending on palette size. Plus that way color-swaps and other edits are that much easier, should you choose to take advantage of the indexing.


The GIMP can do automatic color-mode conversion, plus has console support through Script-Fu for batch processing, making your task simple.

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Or why not RLE-compress them. In any case the filesize difference is trivial on today's storage and transport standards
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