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The Archive is back


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Some time ago, Comcast decided to delete two of the three e-mail addresses I was using in order to host the Archive . I've re-created one and created a new one, so it should be back up and running.


Some of the download locations have changed (in case you have something linking directly to an Archive download). The joanna_wiz e-mail was replaced by wizcozski.

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Originally written by Sturg:
A couple things I noticed:

- The Seventh Plague link in broken.
- How about these scenarios:
Ravaged Land
Quenick's Quest
Gray Moon II
Arena of Death
Two are on the 'Other' page. Two are bundled with The Great Wars. The only one really missing is Arena of Death. Wasn't that one corrupted when found, or never found? I'm not remembering.

Oh, and *cough* Redwall.
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