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Hidden Towns


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Okay, another question. In the scenario, a fortress is built at a later point in the scenario. I've noticed, however, that even when the town is hidden, the party still can't walk on the spaces even though they are open. Is there any way around this, short of just putting trees on all the spaces the fort occupies (where I could use the excuse, "The Sliths cut the trees down to build it").



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This may be yet another quirk of BoA, it has so many of them. I assume the underlying floor type is not blocked to movement.

Is the fortress terrain type blocked to movement? I would make all outdoor building type terrains, 304 thru 330&, not blocked. This may avoid messy problems when you try to use BoE town entrances in BoA.

It may also avoid messy problems in regular BoA scenarios.

(What town number are we talking about? 40?)


On my version of the game, there is no problem. I altered the scenario data file so that all outdoor buildings are not blocked.

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