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Need a custom script here...

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First of all, I would like to thank all the spiderwebbers who have been watching this post. So lets get to the point:


I need a script for a monster that is mostly based on the mimic.txt made by Niemand. I need a kind of script that is similar to mimic but it will have to search for a specific item on the whole party's inventory to steal that item to the monster so the monster can use it.


For example: I am making Elec Man. His power is stored in a wand in the Generator Room. If the party stole his thunder beam charged wand before fighting him, he could not shoot his thunder beam and will be powerless (I can script this part myself). Anyways, When the party meets Elec Man after getting the wand, he will steal the wand from the party using this script and will use for his own good. After killing him, he should drop the wand. I am recalling the thief.txt from Proving Grounds for a little reference. But the script should run even when the party is not adjacent to him.


I request any spiderwebber who is able to make this script to please create it for me...

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Try making the script yourself and ask for help on parts that are getting you stuck. If it's just stealing an item from the party, use a char_has_item() to determine whether the party has the item, then use a char_take_item() to take it. If you're slick, you could use a take_all_of_item() call to do it in fewer steps.

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