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Printing out BoA Data Arrays

Ishad Nha

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Arrays BoA 3D Editor.exe is a 3D Editor that prints out data for floor, terrain, creatures and items. Data is printed out in an array form that enables easy comparison with BoE data arrays, just the thing for porting. Arrays might be useful for regular BoA scenarios, I don't know. It is meant for display in a spreadsheet hence the columns are separated by tab stops. Available at:



Also included:

  • FTGoodEvil.bas is a scenario that shows all 256 floor types in their proper order, they are found in town 1, Floor Types Town. Ditto, all 512 terrain types are displayed in town 2, Terrain Types Town.
  • Windows Graphics Adjuster contains two separate scenarios that between them show all 1,024 graphic adjusts for color.

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