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3D Editor Bug?


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I can reproduce such a crash with r91; I'm looking into why it happens now. It doesn't crash if the first thing I do is creating an Area Description, but it does if I already had an Area Description selected and I create another, or if I add one, delete it, and then add another. I have the bad feeling that this is my fault; something to do with wiring up the undo code.


EDIT: I found the problem; a pointer was being initialized to a garbage value due to a typo. This actually affects every undo record of a change which alters a string, not just area descriptions, so I think I'm going to bump the version number to 1.3.1 and make a bugfix release.


EDIT 2: It turns out that undo was completely broken for creating and deleting area descriptions anyway. I think I have it fixed, but I made enough changes that I want to take another look at it in the morning (when I trust myself to think a bit more clearly) before I check it in. If it still looks okay then, I'll proceed with the release. (There's also a QOI issue with the description strings for creating and deleting objects and how they change when moved between the undo and redo stacks that I just noticed, but rather than risk breaking stuff that works, in an ugly way, in an attempt to make it pretty, I think I'll leave it alone for now.)

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The bug should be fixed and version 1.3.1 is released. Use the 'Check for Updates...' menu item and you should be able to download it directly.


Tridash: The same bugs will need to be fixed in the Windows version as well; I'll try to see to it later today, but I thought I'd mention it in writing here in case I forget.

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