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Under most circumstances, I probably could do this on my own, but I'm on 10.8, where there is no BoE scenario editor that works on my system, and my CrossOver is broken. I'm working on a port of OG&E, I have the scenario ported but there's still obviously lots to patch up. I was wondering if someone who can open a copy of the editor can send me a list of all the custom monsters and custom items in the scenario so I can recreate them in BoA. I know that's asking quite a bit, but I can't see any other way to do this.


Thanks heaps.


If needed, the password is 26522 or 26523.

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Here's an archive of all the text dumps CBoE can do, from the TrueSite copy (including monster and item info). Hope it helps. I'd offer more, but apparently my temporary system and/or Wine doesn't care for the scenario editor.



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My approach is to copy the scenario's data for objects (monsters, items and terrain types) into a spreadsheet then compare it with the data from Bladbase.exs. Certain customization of a scenario's objects is simply correcting errors in the default BoE data. I will have to update my file EXS Decrypts, but in the meantime here are the relevant bits of the Exs file:

First number is start offset, second is length of this sequence.

scen_monsters[256][108] 3,134 27,648

ter_types[256][16] 31,384 4,096

scen_items[400][66] 41,942 26,400

monst_names[256][20] 68,342 5,120

ter_names[256][30] 73,462 7,680


scen_monsters[256][108] means 256 records, each of which are 108 bytes in length.




EXS Decrypts file has been quickly updated,


Damn it! After hours of sorting out the file, the EXS Decrypts.rtf file is corrupted for reasons I don't get.

Basic BoE Features.xls is okay, it contains a lot of the same information.

I have done the data comparisons, there seems to be a lot of customization. I will now need to check what it means, whether it is significant or not. Said data is included in the latest version of EXS Decrypts.

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