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It's an outdoor encounter. You need to set it up from the outdoor section. There are several spaces where you can enter node numbers - there should be one for a node to come up when you come across the encounter.


You can also use this for patrolling guards that greet you or attack you depending on your side or reputation.

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Yeah. I just dont know what to do with it. I recently got it registered and I am testing things out. I just want it to come up upon stepping on the special and prompt the player to fight or run. I jsut cant figure out how to do that.


I dont know what the triggers name is or anything of the sorts.

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That's not hard at all, but I think you missed my point. I'm saying that if you set an encounter in one outdoor section to do that, and then that encounter follows you into another, the special node won't be called, calling the node in the other outdoor section instead. It states this in the documentation, for the record.


As for how to do it? Just use a dialogue box with 'attack' and 'flee' options, and if the party clicks 'flee', call a 'wandering will fight', and set the value so the party doesn't fight.

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