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Mac Editor v1.3


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In good time for Christmas, a new editor version is ready. As usual, if you have a copy already you can upgrade it simply by using the 'Check for Updates' menu item, and otherwise you can get it from our downloads page.


Notable features in this release are:

  • A substantially more far-reaching undo system. You can now undo a host of operations like moving a creature, deleting an item, changing the text of a sign, or changing a terrain script's memory cells.
  • The tiles window is now resizable, and the displayed size of the tiles can also be changed.
  • The editor now has shortcuts to open the script corresponding to the current scenario, town, outdoor section, or creature in your preferred text editor.
  • The window layout is saved when you close the program. Arrange your workspace the way you like it and it will be automatically restored the next time you want to use it.

This release has been tested on Mac OS 10.4 (PPC), 10.6 (Intel), and 10.8 (Intel).


Also, don't forget to thank Tridash for not only working on the coding, but also for reminding me to come back and do my part!




As usual, we are sorry to report that Windows support lags behind. Tridash has been hard at work on it, though, and we hope to have a new and improved Windows release in only a couple of weeks. (We still do not expect to reach full feature parity, but the gap should be narrowing.)




To go with the new Edit <Associated> Script commands, you might want a text editor that knows about Avernumscript. If that is the case, you could try out the newest beta version of my in-progress Avernumscript editor, AScript. I regret that I still haven't scraped together the time to do anything that could be called finishing it, but this version has a copy of alint which should work on both PowerPC and Intel systems, and a few more pages in the Avernumscript reference documentation.

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