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Bandits 2, stuck in cave. Is this a bug?


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I was replaying some of the BoE scenarios, and I took Bandits 2 out of my zip file. Anyway, I'm infiltrating the Order of the Sickle, and getting the gold back from the Darkham area. I went into the mine, butchered the Troglos, and on my way out, I noticed, (ok, I used a magic map) and found a hidden portal. Going through led me to a hall of fame area.


(Side note, is it possible to get past the barrier south of the Second player to win the scenario statue? Or the little chamber northeast of the TM statue for being the first to win?)


Anyway, now that I entered, I can't seem to get out. I take the teleporter back, and the eastern area of the secret passage is still open, but I cannot progress further westwards, and am basically stuck. IS there anyway to get out of these gold mines?


Thanks for any help

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