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Editors D:[G5]

Wizard Orcasus

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Hi guys, I want to find an good editor that can let me get all the skills points I want. I want to raise my endurance at the TOP! smile My power will surpass of everyone in G5. So pls if any of u made one I would like one if can I want to download it from mediafire smile


P.S may I even ask for editors or I will get banned?

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Asking for editors is perfectly fine. Just remember they aren't supported by Spiderweb Software, may be buggy or difficult to use, and may disappear from the Internet without warning if the creator of the editor stops maintaining it. Check Strategy Central to see if any of the editors there do what you want. If you do find an editor, make sure you back up any files that the editor wants you to replace.



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Yes just copy and paste parts of it, make sure you leave semicolons in.

The parts you want to change are:

The name, the ability type, the damage, the effect and the number of missiles.


This is what to paste in:

ab_name = "Essence Orbs";

ab_missile_type_fired = 5;

ab_ability_sound = 129;

ab_damage_type = 1;

ab_num_of_missiles = 5;


Leave the rest as is.

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