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I am quite interested in this subject, but am having one heck of a time finding out a straight answer: Is there a "Standardized" or "Current works" compile of the new code anywhere? I'm trying to figure out if the one currently available through download on the main site is the "latest" one (or if it is just the code w/o any mods).

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The one on the Spiderweb site is unmodified. I do have a modified version of the OS X code with all of the changes. While I encourage people to work on it, right now I'm in the middle of rewriting the .exs file format which is a major overhaul and if we are not careful, what I am doing will conflict with a lot of things.


If you want to do code development work, I can give you information on where to get the OS X source code. This will be useful to see the changes that have already been implemented (whether you work on Mac or PC). The forum here lists them, but the code has the actual source for them. I would encourage you stay out of changing any of the sizes of the records or touching the file I/O stuff for now as it will create major headaches.


If you are developing new scenarios using OBoE, I would highly encourage you to wait until a more stable release. I'm hoping to have some finalized code by the end of August or early September. I know the format of a BoE scenario, and I will know the format of the released version, but anywhere in between is prone to have serious corruption problems. In other words, it's not ready for real design work yet. Trust me here.

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Yeah--when re-programming something of this scale (even at how old it is) is underworks, I don't question the pros; I'm all ears. My C++ skills are,well...close to non-existent; I won't be using the code really. I just want the game back. I found out about the open source because my copy got nuked when I had to buy a new hard drive.


How do you compile the EXE on the PC side? I've looked around and it seems like I have to piece all of the classes and definition files together--is this right? What program should be used?

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