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  1. Yeah--when re-programming something of this scale (even at how old it is) is underworks, I don't question the pros; I'm all ears. My C++ skills are,well...close to non-existent; I won't be using the code really. I just want the game back. I found out about the open source because my copy got nuked when I had to buy a new hard drive. How do you compile the EXE on the PC side? I've looked around and it seems like I have to piece all of the classes and definition files together--is this right? What program should be used?
  2. I am quite interested in this subject, but am having one heck of a time finding out a straight answer: Is there a "Standardized" or "Current works" compile of the new code anywhere? I'm trying to figure out if the one currently available through download on the main site is the "latest" one (or if it is just the code w/o any mods).
  3. Quote: Originally written by Lazarus.: Well my idea would assume that you would re-draw that second outdoor section as well (even if its only an exact import of the original). This way, once the party was moved to the new outdoors they would never see the original outdoors again. That sounds exactly like what I was thinking I could do and why I am asking. The problem is, I don't think it is possible to change that specific location permanently: Outdoor sheet size of 2x3. Section 0x0 changes from being desolate to well groomed and so it must be switched to display 0x3 as opposed to the original 0x0. This is how I originally planned it but I don't know how to do it. What stops the party from walking into, say, 0x1 and back to 0x0 where the original 0x0 still is? I like the way this is sounding, but I am still mildly confused as how to implement it.
  4. The big problem here is that there is a town that is in the area, and it is the cause of the quest, but they have the ability to move to another outdoor section and just walking back to the old messy one. It wouldn't work the way you're saying Lazarus. As for the while() statments, that would take enough time to do every time the party enters that outdoor section that it would become a bother to enter that section. Unless the scripts are able to execute a lot faster than I thought.... Thanks for the tips though...I'm still looking for something more efficient, but I may need to concider the while() statement....
  5. Does anyone know if it is possible to change what outdoor section is moved into from which outdoor section? I have one section in my scenario where the place is filled with all kinds of debris and swamp land. A quest can be completed where all of that land is re-developed and made lush and green. I am not sure if I can just have a script replace each individual terrain square and have it stick for the rest of the game, but the next problem I am thinking of if I do something like that would be the tedium of it.....that would be A LOT of "replace this with..." statments...ouch. Anyone know of a way to do this?
  6. Yes, I wasn't thinking it would be a major prob since I am able to move through the field by clicking on the map, or just simply num-pad move them. I was thinking of moving the hoard into smaller piles, but that would take away from the visually pleasing site of it all together . I wish they made it so the piles would actually become litteral piles after a while as opposed to blobs across the floor. That would be coolies .
  7. Going back to my Nethergate and Exile days, I have always loved taking every pice of trash and pick-up-able item on the ground in the game I could. I always go to some obscure dungeon and create a massive pile for which I deam "The Hoard". It makes for an interesting quest in the older games since they seem to have a max item count per town/dungeon. Avernum 4 doesn't seem to have this problem though. However, recently I discovered something: if you have a ton of items in one place in a town, the party disapears...that's right they become completely invisible. You can move around like normal, but not being able to see if kind of...odd. I was wondering: Is this a bug only I am experiencing? Is this is a bug? Am I the only one to ever think of putting 100+ items in one spot? ....just curious.
  8. That is true, but you see people using the Custom Character Portraits in their scenarios all the time now--it still sais in the docs that that feature isn't supported. I guess it is just a matter of how badly you want it done. Could be interesting.
  9. **shudders** wow...my "evil-meter" just jumped a few pegs. Think of that! Make a creature mildly hard, mostly annoying. Make it more attractive (don't know how you would though) to Simalcrum it as opposed to kill it right off (perhaps it has some nice spells that one would like to have cast at one's side for a few minutes while exploring the dungeon). NOW! Script it so that, when it is Simalcrumed (w/e), it turns evil instantly--making it twice the annoyance and probably a lot harder; heck, even have it interact with the original (heh...quick, in battle conversation with itself...heheh...that would be creative ) in a way that multiplies all abilities of each one by the number existing on the field. hmm...more I think of this, the more this concept gets complex...damn I love Scripting Engines . EDIT: Uhh...that reminds me. Can a monster have that spell? Simalcruming a PC would be interesting...but I wonder how it would work. I don't think monsters can cast it (thought I read it somewhere in the docs), but if it can--I am including that in my scenario .
  10. Wow...I don't think I have ever been this scared of Kelandon before...EVER....though I'll admit I've never actually been scared of him o_O.. The mere THOUGHT of another ZKR...around 7 times as long/large...well...I'm with Poit; no way could something like that NOT be Unholy. There couldn't possibly be someone THAT bored...could there? **shudders** And thanks for the responses btw. I believe that I will just stick with my 10x10 world...since I hate odd/obtuse shapes . (Though...a giant "tube world" might be interesting if your creating The Ring World...hmm...***writes idea down**)
  11. Ya, I'm clueless. I just decided to stress out the editor and force it to make me a scenario at maximum outdoor sections. Unfortunatly, for some odd reason, the editor ONLY allows for 10x10, as opposed to 100x100 like the description for the width/height says it may be. (Saying that width multiplied by height must equal something between 1 & 100.) Is this on purpose? Perhaps that text was left over from BoE--hence a typo. Or maybe the intent of maximum map size was changed halfway through programming thought (I do that sometimes ). Any ideas on this one? Though I doubt many (if any) of us will use a map bigger than 10x10, I would like to at least see the option of true 100x100 . **shudders at at walking that world** I made a game that is nothing but a large island with a little bit of crap here and there. This game was made at 10x10, and I was not aware--at that time--that it would be as big as I could get. I will most likely never go back to that scenario, since the island is rediculously linear in shape--looking more like something one would loogie on the wall, wrather than a natural island. It took me 3 days, avernum time, to walk from one side to the other (straight line) w/o horses and with no resting. I imagine it would be quite a while to walk from "south" to "north" (or vice verssa) on a 100x100....heck, a 50x50 (which is supposedly the biggest REASONABLE size, as said in the text) would be bad enough. I thought I'd just ask if anyone is having this problem since I can't seem to find anyone else talking about it.
  12. This is a WEIRD bug. I am currently working on a scenario, as well as play through Bassikava (great scen. btw ). I just went through a bunch of cinematic bug testings, and got tired of it. I then went back to playing in the scenario with my group of adventurers. I then just realised that I has turned the vision variable to 1 (set_total_visibility(1)). I realised this because now, in Bassikava, I can see everything!!! It turns out that when you turn this variable on, it turns it on for the entire game until turned off. This is, imho, a nasty little bug. Anyone would turn it on in a dump scenario, and then go into another--no walls, no secrets. lol More of a cheat, sure, but it is still a bug . Quitting the game resets this, as I have found out. EDIT: Hmm..it just occured to me. Is this listed in any of the warnings in the documentation? Or perhaps already been listed as a bug? (Just remembered you didn't list them all here...) Sorry if it is in either case ^_^'.
  13. Quote: As far as I know the BoA Editor Remake is the only project doing this. It is maintained by Notus, Isaac and I. Kelandon is the webmaster for this project. I belive that is what made me think he was doing it. I didn't know it was a joint project--though I, in retrospect, understand why it would be. Quote: As for progress, well, there probably won't be much for a while. I won't be able to do any serious coding until after the AP Tests, and Notus is also busy, at least for the moment. Totally understandable. All you need say is "AP Tests" and I will TOTALLY understand. 2 weeks from now aren't they? I don't know aymore, since I Graduated last year. I hated every one of them -_-'. (I did the Computer Programming AP Test...which turned out to be one of the hardest in the school since they just released the new edition for the first time ON US....lol) Quote: The script editor will be implemented much later, and for the moment I'd suggest you download Alint by Khoth, if you don't have it already. What is Alint? Never heard of it...now I feel stupid . As for BBEdit Lite, I used it for a while and then realised that I had been missing out on a great program. I went out and got the Pro edition the followinig hour . Now...repeating my question : Does anyone know if someone has made a BBEdit Language Plugin for AvScript? It would be very conveniant...not to mention allow us to debug our scripts w/o requireing BoA to do it on the fly. I tried to say that I understand someone (now I know who) was working on a new editor, but I obviously didn't get across that it isn't much use to any of us until they can release it. This plugin would at least HELP...any ideas if there was ever one made? Thanks .
  14. Uhh...around the forums somewhere?? I heard that someone (I think it was Kel...no idea if it truly is..sorry Kel ) was designing an entirely new Editor program with all kinds of super improvments over the current one. Was that somehow classified as a top secret project soon after I saw the post or something??
  15. Well, I recently got myself a full copy of BBEdit. (Worth it!!) I just realised that it has a built in Lanuage Display (for a lack of a better term :S). Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has ever thought of making a Language Plugin for BBEdit, based on AvScript?? I have heard of a few people trying various off shoots of this idea, and I think one of you out there (Kel??) is even making a Super Editor--which I am currently hopeing has a built in text editor based from the language (though, hope springs eternal eh?). I'd just like to know if anyone has actually released such a plug--it would be interesting to see it, and might help a lot of us . Just a thought .
  16. Oh. Okay. I hadn't heard of it before, so I thought I'd post it. Well, I guess it I'll just throw it on out there as a refresher note . **Shakes fist at Smart Quotes**
  17. While working on my scenario, I decided to make some makor tweaks in the script; I'd been working on terain for so long, I needed something different. When I finished and loaded it, I got a Major Error. Well...I fixed it. It turns out that the Editor DOES NOT LIKE SMART QUOTES!! I am not aware of this being a warning anywhere in the documents, so I am just throwing this kind thing out there...took my a good 20 minutes to find out this "illegal character" the dang thing was screaming about. I use Tex-Edit Pro (OS 9 text editor with REALLY cool features, and it's free!!!! ). This program lets you choose to use Smart or Stupid quotes--turns out I need to set it to stupid if I am going to be using it to code with...bleh. Just a kind announcement.
  18. -_-' frell....3D Editor is OS X only. There is none for OS 9.2.2. Is that the only work around?!
  19. I am attempting to import the Vampire Lord's Keep (from Diplomacy with the Dead; town #7) into my scenario. I like the way it looks, and it gives me the basic form I need for this new area I'm building. (Ya..I'm kind of cheating by using it, but it will be changed from what it is.) My problem is that when I use the Import Town command, it imports this hoplessly GARBLED town thing...there is NO town in this imported garbage thing. It is pieces of the original, randomly strewn about the town layout, and thrown into only the area of a medium sized town. This is a Large town, and I am importing it into a Large (blank) town in my new scenario. Is this a bug?! I would really think this is a nasty little bug if it is--but please tell me if it isn't, as I need to start trying out different ways of making this actually work. I have so far only duplicated the entire scenario, taken everything but terrain out of the Keep, and then imported that; same thing happens. I use OS 9.2.2, and below describes this a bit better. (Pictures!! ) This is what it looks like in "DwtD": This is what it looks like after I import it: Help is wanted, and apreciated!
  20. Am I the only one thats getting this? I pause the game, so I can go do something on my desktop or what not, and whe I come back, I unpause. (By clicking on the screen...) Problem: game crashes and gives me an error. "SetState active failed in run_pause()." errr...is this a bug, or am I just out of luck? lol. I am running OS 9.2.2, and give GF2 plenty of RAM. I also have upgraded to the latest version of GF2. I think I have covored all of the general bases for trying to solve bug problems myself. Any outside help now??
  21. OH THANK YOU!!! I e-mailed Jeff with this EXACT question (though I don't think he has the time to deal with it...) I wasn't sure about that either...I'm just going to have my friend sign it, and I'll sign the other slot...lol. Good grief this was frustratin...didn't want to send it off incomplete. Hey, anyone know if Scanning it in the computer and e-mailing it then would suffice? Practically the same as faxing...lol, I'm just short a Faxer, and want to get it to Jeff ASAP...not wanting to have the holy wrath of the Jeff God smite my small mortal soul
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