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Cross-compiliation of the 3d editor on the Debian


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If this were SV, the subtitle would be a series of angry faces and cursing.


Copied the existing makefile over, changed the executable names to their proper i586-mingw32msvc-* form, yadda yadda yadda. However, a notable problem comes up rather quickly.


sylae@vanadium:~/blades-nightly/source/BoA3d$ make -f Makefile-Nightly-i586
make: *** No rule to make target `BlAEditor.cpp', needed by `BoA3DEditor_BlAEditor.o'.  Stop.


The issue seems to be that the file names have spaces and the makefile doesn't. I've tried adding spaces. I've tried quoting the full filename. I've tried backslash-escaping, nothing will make this error stop appearing. Quite irritating.


But Wait, There's More! Call right now and symlinking the non-spaced names to the spaced ones won't work either. As a free bonus to you, our valued customer, neither will renaming!


I'm running GNU Make 3.81. Any tips? Anypony else hit this issue?

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I took a look at this, renaming the files to the ones in the makefile seems to work, but there are a couple of extra headers / libaries i need to put in for it to compile, so I'll get the updated makefile on the svn tomorrow-ish.


EDIT: no I won't, sorry, it's taking me too much time. I might do it once the editor's a bit more stable. Until then, if there's an svn update really worth having I'll probably have a build for it.

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