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Steam Avernum 5: Can't Change Resolution

Juan Carlo

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I can't change the resolution on my steam copy of Avernum 5. You can tell it to change on start up, but it doesn't. It's just stuck on the default resolution.


I did some poking around and unlike the other spiderweb games, the steam version of Avernum 5 doesn't seem to be generating a .dat file in the save games folder when you start it (which I assume stores things like resolution information).


I'm not the only one with this problem either. There are a bunch of people over on the steam forums reporting the same thing, and we've already tried most of the usual stuff like deleting and redownloading, etc, etc.


Any suggestions?

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I downloaded the demo out of curiosity and that does generate the .dat file and properly ask if you want to change the resolution at start up.


However, whether you select "change resolution" or not at the start up, the game will run in a letterbox format (with black bars on top and bottom). This seems weird as other spiderweb games where you can't set the exact resolution (e.g. Avernum 4, Geneforge 3) will fill the screen of a wide screen monitor if you select "Always change resolution" at the start.


So is this just a quirk of Avernum 5 and something we will have to live with?

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OK, nevermind, I found a fix to get it to run full screen on widescreen monitors.


Just do the following (solution borrowed partially from forum user "sea"):


Download the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit.




Launch the 32-bit version, create a new custom database, then a new application fix. Navigate to the affected game executable, select it, and then, on the second page of fixes, select both "Force 640x480x16" and "ForceDirectDrawEmulation."


To make sure the fix stays, right-click the database and select "Install" which will apply the fixes when you launch the game outside the Compatibility Administrator.


This will force the game to run in full screen on a widescreen monitor everytime you start it without having to change your resolution every time.

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