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I'm making a new scenario and was working on the first dungeon, which is a humongous wall. i had just finished its basic shape, when i realized that it was facing west, going north-south, and that entering players (since they come from the west,) couldn't see it very well!


I'm currently using the editor that Spiderweb made, and was hoping there was any way at all to flip the map horizontally without starting the dungeon over.


Please be another way!

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No, none of the Editors are that sophisticated. Official Spiderweb 2D Editor is outdated. For some more useful editors see

(I will get some links here for you.,,,)


Rotating could be done in a spreadsheet but not in an editor. (You would use a hex editor to locate the town, paste into a spreadsheet, rotate and then paste back into the bas file.)

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