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Author: Jemand



Version: 1.0.1



Composite Score: 3.0/5.0


Best: 0.00% (0/5)

Good: 20.00% (1/5)

Average: 60.00% (3/5)

Substandard: 20.00% (1/5)

Poor: 0.00% (0/5)






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From Nioca on SV:



Ah, what can I say about Wilderness? Well, it was sort of like an amalgam of FB, RoR, ED, and Aphobia. Deliver a package to Boltforth, high in the snowy mountains. Starting from 5.0...


+ GRAPHICS. This, I felt, was the selling point of the scenario. An interesting use of graphics, including modified originals in an interesting way. Jemand might make a good BoA artist. Plus, it had snow graphics as well. (0.8)

+ PLOT PROGRESSION. The plot progressed in a fairly smooth manner. Just a touch of foreshadowing, and the travels were interesting as well. (0.4)

+ ARTIFACTS. A rather interesting way to make a useful item. Intriguing, though I have to admit that the blue and red crystal shards kinda suck. (0.2)

+ BEGINNER SCENARIO. Some props for being a good beginner scenario. (0.2)

+ ATMOSPHERE. Jemand is definitely descriptive in his work. I knew just what kind of snow was blowing at what moment. (0.1)

- GRAPHICS. Perfectly green trees with no snow on them do not blend at all with snow covered ground. Sorry, but that just jolted me from the moment I looked at the screenshot. (0.3)

- PLOT. Don't get me wrong, the plot itself was fine. However, there were quite a few holes in it. How did the villain get that much power? Why was it after you? Was it targeting you specifically, or just random passers-by? Why did the villain, hellbent on murdering you, suddenly vanish after the grave? How did it escape detection? In a larger scenario, details like this can be overlooked. But in a scenario this small, I feel that it needs these kinds of details. (0.5)

- SIZE. This really had the feel of a scenario that was supposed to be larger. It gets interesting, then cuts off. (0.1)


FINAL SCORE - 5.8 ([rating]AVERAGE[/rating])

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From Ephesos on SV:


Well, I will follow the king of backhanded compliments. And I'll gladly take the blame for some of the trees not being snowy, because well I didn't feel like taking the time to make another set just yet. tongueold.gif


Wilderness is everything it bills itself as, a treacherous hike through the mountains. It delivers, and while it's short, it's awesome for a first (released) scenario. You go deliver your package, have a little mystical fun along the way, and you get to rappel out a window. That's awesome. There's a handful of tricky little technical bits that I approved of, a multi-floor building, and some decent combat.


And besides, as I told Jemand, the new carpet alone has to be worth at least half a point. I rate it [rating]AVERAGE[/rating]for a fun, short first-effort. Keep up the good work!

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From Jewels on SV:


Well, it was kinda... meh. A scenario this short shouldn't have simple errors and yet I counted five grammar/spelling errors and the stairs to the inn couldn't be climbed again after fighting after the vampire without explanation. The outdoors looked cool but it was hard to navigate. I didn't enjoy it very much and I don't expect to ever replay it.



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From Smoo on SV:


Wilderness - another small scenario. Fortunately, this time the graphics are oh-so-snowy-like. You are a bunch of couriers hiking through a chilly mountainside to a town. I didn't like the outdoors. Sometimes the trees and height covered my party and I could not see where I was. Outdoors notwithstanding, the one town looked pretty enough, what little there was of it.


The graphics of the enemies were also good. Very gruesome. But there were not enough enemies. There is only one encounter, though it was nice that one of the baddies lucked out and did not die when its hit points reached zero. I do not believe I have ever seen lucky enemies before. After the fight I was informed that the big bad left a ring behind. I did not see any rings, maybe I was not supposed to. Moving on.


The plot was not all that original or thrilling. The dialogue was very spartan, but the reason for this is acceptable so no harm done there. On the other hand, I did buy into the impression that my party was wading through thick snow on a freezing mountain top, so bonus points for descriptive writing.


My main gripe is that the player is lead by the hand through the whole climactic encounter: "You hear voices downstairs. You can't rush in now! Go out the window!" Then not much later you have to go back and fight the baddies. Oh! And I was heading towards the church when I got that annoying "Go to the church, dummie!" - help box. As for the ending:



"That place burned down years ago?" Horror story cliché.



In conclusion, it's short. I was thinking there would be a dungeon level after the first town. There wasn't.



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From Excalibur on SV:


As with the Blades Contest, I seem to rate this scenario incredibly high, but anyway, here's my two cents:


Combat - Good - I liked the combat. There isn't very much, but what was was very fun, and the graphics add a nice touch here as well.


Indoor Design - Best Very nice. The custom graphics are an excellent touch to the building, though there's only one town.


Outdoor Design - Average Like others have said, the trees don't really match, and it seems highly influenced by Frostbite. It still looked nice, though.


Writing - Good - I thought it was excellent. I think it's one of the best scenarios in this regard.


Plot - Good - Well, it's not like it's the only scenario revolving around a courier mission, but it has its own twists which make it seem original.


Technical - Good - I never encountered any bugs, and everything is handled well.


Balance - Good - It's never a problem.


Other - Good - Nice custom graphics and a very nice scenario for a beginner


Creativity/Innovation - Average - The outdoors reminded me too much of Frostbite, and you're trying to find a path through the snow as well. The plot was creative, but the outdoor design elements seem to have been borrowed.


Replay Value - Good - It's fun and I'd definitely play it again.


Overall - [rating]GOOD[/rating]

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