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Where the Rivers Meet

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Where the Rivers Meet



Author: Thralni



Version: 2.0.3



Composite Score: 3.7/5.0


Best: 0.00% (0/6)

Good: 66.67% (4/6)

Average: 33.33% (2/6)

Substandard: 0.00% (0/6)

Poor: 0.00% (0/6)






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From Nioca on the CSR:


A good scenario, and an excellent first scenario by Tralni. This scenario, in size, comes close to Bahssikava, which is amazing. The story started rather slow, but picked up speed. Making the side-quests tie-in with the main story line was a good design desicion, and it had a few new technical tricks. There are a few problems with it, though. First, if you don't have a four-person party, the scenario gets weird. This is stated in the intro, but it still detracts a bit. Secondly, there were a few bugs that Thralni left untouched that could easily have been worked around. Third, it was quite easy to get lost. All in all, though, this scenario is quality work, and I look forward to more in the future.



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From Smoo on the CSR:


Where the Rivers Meet is definitely one of the largest scenarios out there, if not the largest. Personally I like humungous scenarios. It's a real shame that WtRM isn't that good.


I enjoyed the overall town design although I didn't like the miniscule hallways but that's a minor gripe. The graphics for the Senarti were okay but I would've used Fraham's nephil graphics in stead.


The weakest point in the overall feel of the scenario is the grammar and spelling. I would lambast (where the hell did pick up that word?) the grammar some more but since the author is not a native English speaker I'll refrain from it. (Also because I'm not a native English speaker and Backwater Calls was criticized for grammar as well.) Nonetheless, sometimes the wording can get confusing: "Maybe you could see if you can follow the tunnel through which you got out to get in again?" At that point I had crossed through millions of hidden passages and tunnels and really did not understand what the author was trying to say.


I must also drop half a point from the lack of polish. I encountered several bugs, one of them making the scenario unfinishable (though Thralni has fixed this already.)


Some thoughts about plot and stuff: We start off with a monster plague. Not very original but I don't mind as long as the villain is not tEh vahnatai. (Spoiler) It isn't. (/Spoiler)


I rather enjoyed rummaging through the senarti lands. I'll give a big plus for all the destruction the player can cause. At some points, though Thralni could've been a bit more clear about why everything must explode.


Then when I found out who was behind the senarti, I lost interest. Maybe it's because the designer completely abandons the senarti after the revelation. Exactly what they are is never fully revealed. Sure there are hints but I would have preferred a definite "they's this" explanation somewhere. Or maybe I lost interest because too much of the plot advancing is done through reporting back to the mayor and then returning to already visited areas where some wall has collapsed and the plot advances.


The characters were alright, though some of them seemed a bit dull. Also I would've appreciated a bit less humor. It's not that I'm against humorous scenarios (Play Rats Aplenty /plug.) but in WtRM, the humor was misplaced. This is very evident in the spirit of Darnkrag. I liked that dungeon up to the final dialogue with the spirit.


One major gripe was the villain, who seemed like a comedic relief to me, and the overly long cut scene in which he is introduced. I especially disliked this part where the author put words into my party's mouth. For example, The villain: "Why did you destroy the life work of an old man?" My party: "We were ordered to." This deserved a facepalm. How about: "Your life's work was causing deaths of innocents and immense pain and suffering?"


Now the combat I really liked. Especially against the senarti. It's not that it's very innovative or hard, quite the opposite. I found the monsters underpowered, some of this could be easily fixed. Like when level 7 soldiers are pitted against a level 35 party. But really, after painfully burrowing through Dilecia, quitting because of the combat in Exodus and getting my butt spanked in Echoes: Renegade, it was really refreshing to be the one to deal death.


Reflecting on my ratings of other scenarios I feel I should give WtRM a better score than I gave A Large Rebellion. However, in it's current state WtRM does not merit a score beginning with a seven. Therefore 6.8 ([rating]AVERAGE[/rating]). Still, anyone with enough patience to finish designing a scenario this big deserves a friendly pat on the back. Keep on truckin' Thralni!

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From Nikki on the CSR:


I feel I would be remiss if I didn't start by saying that this thing is huge. At the time of making it, it was the biggest thing available for BoA. It's also by a first-time designer, and in my opinion is a bloody good example of a first scenario.


The plot is a bit of a weak point in some respects ("Oh noes! A monster plague!"), but strong in others (I think that Emp. Thralni's motivation was well thought-out).


The fact that everybody speaks to you gives the scenario a certain amount of depth, as well, and there are lots of little touches which add to the atmospehere. Town design is, also on the whole, very well thought-out and executed, although there were some places I thought "Gah!".


Dialogue is, on the whole, okay. There is nothing to set the world on fire, but, then again, in a scenario this size, giving each character award-winning dialogue would be nigh on impossible. It all does the job it was intended to do, and I can't argue there.


There are a few niggles - bookcases that you can walk through being one that springs to mind, and the fact that the herbs for the potions are really difficult to notice unless you're playing with the walkthrough is another.


Combat is on the easy side, and there's no real challenge except for in one or two places when fighting the humans responsible for the Senarti plague. Even then, though, the level 30 party I took into the scenario held it's own.


There is some nice coding in the scenario - as a designer, I tend to read text files before playing the game, and I found a few really good ideas: the bank in particular is very good.


A strong start by a talented new designer... I hope to see more soon.



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From Excalibur on SV:


Where the Rivers Meet


Combat - Best - Excellent, it's what I liked most about this scenario. The fights were at a perfect difficulty, not too hard like Bahssikava.


Visual Design - Good - I thought the towns had some strange aspects, as well as the scenarios boundaries. It was rather appealing to the eye, though, in the long run.


Technical Design - Average - There were some bugs, and I didn't like how some mistake of mine halted the whole game. It wasn't bad though, and I did like the cutscenes.


Writing - Good - I liked version one better than two. The level of writing though, is much better than that in an average scenario.


Story/Plot - Good - It was acceptable, but I think the whole manner in which the climax occurred wasn't the best.


Other - Best - Size does matter


Overall - [rating]GOOD[/rating]- Partly due to size, but I really enjoyed it in the long run. I actually consider this one of my favorites, if not my absolute favorite.

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From Jewels on SV:



I couldn't finish it because of a bug that presumably has been fixed, but even with that knowledge I don't really feel the need to replay it. I was too distracted with the bugs to get interested in the story. Hopefully it's better now but to me it's a...



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From Iffy on SV:


Outdoor Design - Good

It is pretty good, looks natural.


Town Design - Good

Great in some places, bad in others.


Combat - Best

In some places it is interesting, and in some places it is not. One thing that I really like, however, is that it is at the perfect difficulty. I really like that.


Plot - Good

Not too bad, and it serves its function. I didn't really get into it much, but it was okay.


Scripting - Good

I like it. I noticed some errors, but overall it seemed pretty good.


Final Score - [rating]GOOD[/rating]

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