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Muffins 'n Hell

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Muffins 'n Hell



Author: Iffy






Composite Score: 2.3/5.0


Best: 0.00% (0/7)

Good: 0.00% (0/7)

Average: 28.57% (2/7)

Substandard: 71.43% (5/7)

Poor: 0.00% (0/7)






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From Nioca on SV:


I have to admit, the title doesn't raise expectations. But as it is, I just expected... more. I mean, it was pretty much a rendition of Whack Demon, Win Nothing, but with a few dozen muffins between you and said demon. Town design was lackluster, outdoor design was poor, dialogue and... You know, I think it can all be summed up with one word: lackluster.


Basically, go ahead and play it. Just don't be surprised if you find yourself disappointed. I expect better from the Muffler for his next effort.



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From Ephesos on SV:


So I had a nice review written up for once we had ratings service re-established, but then it went down with my laptop. Oh well, I'll try and remember what I can.


This is clearly a first effort, and that's okay. Iffy deserves some respect for getting this far. The scenario works, isn't broken in any really significant ways, and isn't terrible.


That said, I was dismayed to see things that I told him about in beta and were never fixed, particularly in the realm of town design. And of course, screwing up town design is more or less a sin in my mind. And let's not forget the fact that as Nioca said, you don't get a whole lot for finishing. Fortunately, it did improve significantly from the original beta version. I'll just be expecting more from Iffy for his next one, and I do hope he continues designing. Anyone with the capability to finish a functional scenario has the potential for greatness, or at least solid mediocrity.


All in all, I didn't hate it, but it wasn't thrilling. But what can you do, it's a first effort?



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From Excalibur on SV:



I knew ahead of time what I had gotten into when I signed up for beta testing. The scenario has horrible grammar, though I told Iffy "And" was not an appropriate way to begin a sentence. There's also some confusing aspects to it such as ascertaining how to complete the next step. As said before, town design is horrible. Why are demons farming humans, and where's the fauna in the underground cave? It was kind of amusing though so...



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From Nikki on SV:


Town design was poor. Outdoor design even more so. There is one point where hills aren't even actually finished.


The writing leaves a lot to be desired, but whatever. The plot is the worse part of it. You're told to do this, then that, and then a third thing, with little reason to do so.


But... It didn't break in any meaningful way. And it is a first effort, so it deserves a little bit of sympathy...


[rating]SUBSTANDARD[/rating], with the hope that Iffy makes something serious. And learns to listen to beta-testers.

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From Dikiyoba on SV:


The main plot was simple, outdoor design was sloppy, town design was bare, and the humor fell flat. There were typos and no intro graphics. There were few non-critical dialogue options or other details. I managed to get stuck in the cave with two teleporters and had to reload to a previous save because I wasn't paying much attention to where I should escape from. I must confess to playing with a god party and therefore cannot say anything about the combat.


But it's functional and Dikiyoba didn't hate it.



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From TGM on SV:



(I'll start from 6.0, my score for the rageously mediocre scenarios, and will add to or substract from that as I go.)



-2.0 for the, I'm afraid, absolutely horrible town/area design. Might seem harsh, but things like this are what I, personally, notice first in scenarios. The outdoors were partially unfinished (I managed to somehow place myself OUTSIDE of the walled cave area.), and the town areas felt unfinished, and hastily drawn.


-0.2 for the small amount of dialogue. And the amount of typo sand grammericalistic errors present still the scenario in.


-0.5 for the, at it's best, incoherent story.


+0.5 for the, at it's best, incoherent story. Some of the stuff was so absurd it was actually funny, and thus, I feel, contributed to the theme of the scenario well.


+0.2 for this being the designer's first scenario. While the critique you're getting now might feel harsh, keep on designing. I mean, you have actually designed and released a scenario, a feat not many can currently boast with. Thumbs up for that, Muffmeister.



4.0 ([rating]SUBSTANDARD[/rating])

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From Smoo on SV:


With a title like Muffins 'n Hell, one cannot really expect a serious scenario. In fact, I was cautiously hoping MnH to be something like Kill Them Dead. Alas it is not. It is bad.


Town design is sloppy. Outdoor design is horrible. Every designer should at least try to make these aspects of the scenario bearable. The outdoors in particular look like no time nor effort was put in making them. The scenario would have benefited if they were cut out entirely. Another design flaw is that there are no custom items, or any loot whatsoever, to be had.


Then there's the dialogue. Only plot central characters have it and it is not very good. There are also occasional bits of humor thrown in but they fall flat. "It's a game!" and Matt the cat (apparently the designer's brother) are not funny. I am not going to say anything about the plot other than it's there and it's not developed.


If you really want to look for something positive to say then the combat is not terrible. Slightly boring perhaps, but it serves its function.



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