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Lord Putidus

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Lord Putidus



Author: Kelandon

Rating: Adult

Difficulty: 1-10

Version: 1.0.5



Composite Score: 3.9/5.0


Best: 23.81% (5/21)

Good: 57.14% (12/21)

Average: 4.76% (1/21)

Substandard: 9.52% (2/21)

Poor: 4.76% (1/21)






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From Wizcozski on the CSR:


I think that this scenario is superb. Its simplicity (very straightforward and linear, in other words) and smallness in scale would surprise anyone: its immensely exciting and fun as all hell.


The overall atmosphere of LP is haunting, dreary, and mystifying just what I like, too! The fairytale mystique of a vampire, threaded together with Roman philosophy, mythology, and lectures from our Classics class (gotta love Professor Murphy, right Kel?) perfectly enhances the game play with moderate fighting (a nice breath of fresh air from the battle-laiden and puzzle-crazed scenario Basshikava that Kel made before this) and Sherlock Holmes-like investigation. You really feel like Inspector Gadget going through a haunted house (does anyone remember that episode when hes in Transylvania?).


The third (and final) destination is the spooky castle at the end, which has to be my favorite attribute of this scenario. Kel created what most would imagine a vampires lair to be and combined it with the old age, fairytale characteristics of winding staircases, secret passageways, and creepy designs over the walls and the floors. The creepiness is key.


The animation sequences are so well done. They dont get tiresome or annoying by any means. As everyone knows, Kel is the king of cut scenes and he showed off his talents once again. Theres a good balance between these dialogues and just reading a text bubble. There were little to no bugs when I 2nd-round beta tested it for Kel (the few that were there he fixed in 5 minutes or less). Im not too crazy about the title, but thats a minor issue.


While it was a bit hard figuring out how to resolve LP when finding Faustulus and that whole matter, its overall a great scenario. Im so proud of Kel for this one and Basshikava, considering his busy schedule and me hounding him day and night to use his television.





P.S. This is in no way biased.

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From Lillith on the CSR:


Lord Putidus plays much like a modern BoE scenario; short and self-contained, with a completely reworked combat system.


The plot moves along at a steady clip, and generally holds together well (although we're never really told how the villain came to inhabit the scenario's setting in the first place). Combat is challenging without being unreasonable, but players would be advised to manage resources carefully; the going gets tough if the supply of javelins runs low.


On a side note, I'm not a huge fan of the scenario's title, but it's probably my fault that Kel changed it, so I shouldn't complain.



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From wz Arsenic on the CSR:


My only complaint about Lord Putidus is that it is too short. I can't really think of any way it could be longer, because Kelandon clearly said all he had to say. However, the length meant that I did not have time to completely immerse myself in the new Roman setting Kelandon creates.


Various things contributed to this lack of immersion: most importantly, the graphics. I kept feeling as if I were underground in Avernum, rather than in some Roman province. I realize that obviously there are time constraints and that changing the basic outdoor graphics are low priority, but I feel the scenario could have benefited from an overall color shift. Also, (and these are all very minor issues) one of Putidus's minions is a Haakai. I think that should have been renamed "Demon," simply because "Haakai" is a term unique to Jeff's universe.


One thing that would have been nice was if the Indiana Jones puzzle letters were in the Roman style. (i.e. with serifs, and with U's looking like V's) It would just add to the setting. Of course, beggars can't be choosers when it comes to graphics and the letters were already available.

Actually, about that puzzle: when I encountered it, it occurred to me that the creators of the original puzzle, meaning the one in the Indiana Jones movie, would probably have been Romans in the same time period as that in which the scenario takes place. Coincidence?


Okay, I kinda rambled. I actually liked this scenario very much; I just feel more motivation to list the faults than all the good things about it. I thought the cut-scenes and dialogue really stood out; Lucretia's death scene in particular was extremely well done.


So, [rating]BEST[/rating] because it was really good.

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From an unknown reviewer on the CSR:



This was a well done scenario. There are a number of things which can be said about this scenario which make it interesting.


The first is that all magic is turned off. No spell casting and no alchemy. In the beta you could do alchemy but this was turned off in the final version. This means it is possible to selectively turn off different kinds of magic. This is very cool.


Also there were some interesting innovations. The battle healing kits actually make first aid useful. They are something to consider for other scenarios. It still requires 5 points of first aid. Also resting served a real function in this scenario. Food was useful here because it allowed you to rest in the outdoors.


The pilum is the most powerful missile weapon in the game for low level parties. I was hoping there would be a roman tower shield graphic but there wasn't.


The layout outdoors was well done. It had just enough variation in terrain graphics to be appealing. Also not having a lot of magical monsters in the outdoor section was a nice touch. I was hoping there might have been one noncombat outdoor encounter.


The story and plot were easy to follow and they were for the most part accurate in how Romans might have acted. I also liked that you had to think about what you were going to ask the NPCs. I liked that this was a very straightforward moral story with an ambiguous ending.


The towns were a bit simple in design. No crops, no animals, but this did not distract from the story. There was just enough in them to fill in the story. The couches were a nice touch. It might have nice to buy roman food-- olives, fish, etc.


The combats were very tough for a first level party. Because there was no magic and a reliance on potions or character abilities, it required some strategic thinking. There were a number of color changes for spirits and demons which were very interesting looking.


The layout of the dungeons was very cool. I especially liked the color schemes, brown parquet floor tiles next to fire terrain, blue parquet floor tiles next to ice terrain, a nice solid blue room in the upstairs.


The puzzle was entertaining and not too hard. Everything seemed to follow in a consistent logical progression.


I thought this was very well done. Aside from a few very minor details, it is the best short scenario so far.



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From TM on the CSR:


Two words: Neutered Areni.


Well, okay. It re-organizes combat completely, but it does so with a learning curve that is both as geometrically onerous and more insipid than its predecessor. To wit, the potion system is most difficult at the beginning and becomes easier at the end, and it's also much more simple. In fact, for a scenario that spends so little of its best times in combat, it's a definite let-down.


Mood? The key ingredients are there, but it felt too paleophilic for my tastes. The Roman elements were, moreso than anything else, a distraction. In fact, the setting did nothing, except for maybe justify the Pila that Kel equipped the party with. (Another problem with LP is that its Pila are rare in the beginning and commonplace at the end.) At the end of the day, being "Romanesque" merely meant hearing Greco-Roman pagan clichs that made you go, "oh, neat!" for a second and then forget afterwards.


So Lucretia commits suicide in a new and interesting way! Problem is, she's the only active character in the scenario, and she's only active shortly before she does the inevitable. (By the way, it seems like the facts that the most cogent response to Lucretia is responding to her about her child and that her primary motive is feminine weakness are both drawn from the same source of inspiration that brought us Pheadra. Hmm.) Putidus is a good villain for a while, but finds a way to become divorced with his uniquely realistic personality by spewing out Latin cliches- why he has to explain everything to the party is beyond me.

(Now I know what you're probably thinking- "But TM, you made Licgan!" Well, yes and no. Yes because Licgan didn't have to do it, but the scenario did. No, because I didn't actively incorporate the voice of god into my scenario.)

And Collatinus did nothing for me.


And let me not forget my incredible HATE for the town design. My interior design tendencies were twitching so painfully in this scenario that I thought I was gay. Putidus' manor's basement was one thing- nonsensical, but since the scenario exists in the setting of a Greco-Roman drama, okay. (Again, I'm left wondering "why", but nevertheless. The walls were dark, and the doors were invisible- some were demarkified by demon statues, whereas others weren't. It was very frustrating at times. The two friendly towns were ugly unto themselves as well, featuring uncurved walkways, bland wallsets on bland cave floor, outdoor roads indoors, improper use of hills everywhere, etc. In fact, terrain use in general was so ugly that Kel would have made a more realistic setting if his RPG took place in the 70s.


So yeah- it's not that bad, but it's not NEARLY as profoundly awesome as some of the people here are making it out to be. Am I motivated partially by spite in this review? No, I'm motivated mostly by spite- the separation from reality in a narrative that Kel gets away with in this scenario would get me eviscerated if I were to get close, the combat is less revolutionary than Areni's, and it's ug-ly to boot. I can't convince myself that it's as good as Areni, so my score reflects this.



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From Pascal n the CSR:


Nice character names. Belial(kind of devil name), faustulus, Putidus does sound like he's a bit of a pervert.

Liked also the park in the tower of Putidus.It made me laugh. The walls in that tower were neat too.

I had problems with the doors, that bothered me a bit.


The roman setting is kind of knew in Blades of Avernum scenario's, reminded me of nethergate or what's its name.

The misleading text in the cells is kind of funny too. " a quick search of the walls .... no secret rooms"

It took me longer than normal to find .... a secret room


The burning of the bodies was a nice thing too, i liked to move the bodies around.

The frozen thing was something new as was the letter board. But it was a bit easy, the magnus rex putidus stuff.

To return it got more difficult.

The torture room with collatinus and a box of torture tools was nicely made.

The choices you have while talking to putidus and lucretia. Makes you think you can change the story yourself


And a nice shakespearian way to kill lucretia.

The thing with faustulus was a bit predicting.


Overall a good and short scenario, which i liked very much!



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From VCH on the CSR:


A short well-done scenario. I particularly liked the dark feelings created by very poor interior lighting. The whole outdoor area was nicely executed to give one the feeling of truly being pseudo-trapped in a creepy land ruled over by a vampire. The plot flows and every step is very logical. In a sense there is a quaint feeling that gives this scenario and its inhabitants a unique character. A player may actually feel something for the main NPCs which is very uncommon in BOE or BOA works.


I would say that perhaps one additional town should have been added. Or at least the main-town could include a few more characters to draw the player further into the story, through the areas history current happening etc. I was left with the sense that the main-town has no reason to exists there is no Inn no industry. Why are the people there?


But altogether Lord Putidus is an excellent scenario. It makes the player feel in control when they are actually not. One may try to influence what happens in the final encounter with the vampire, Putidus, but in truth nothing you do matters. This may seem like a restriction. But truly sometimes things cannot be changed. The Roman element is well executed. It is truly refreshing to travel in a BOA environment playing a new type of party, aside from the standard Avernum-fare. Lord Putidus is worth the time. Play it! ResPek...... Rating iz [rating]GOOD[/rating]

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From an unknown reviewer:


I have never anticipated to see something actually better than ASR, but here it is.


I enjoyed this quite very much. The story was really cool, though until I saw the epilogue, I never guessed it was the ROMAN Empire people referred to. I know, I had many hints. Like the guards attire. Like a bizzare notion of the Empire having a Senate.


The fights were not-so-easy, though fighting animals over and over again can get boring. Kolandon, unlike TM, gives the player some room outside. This is especially obvious in Canopy -- really, some players want to have some space between dungeons.


I enjoyed the cliches, too. I was blown away by the moral dilemma needed to complete the scenario.


There were some minor bugs. While talking to Lucretia I described the destruction of her home, altough I never visited there after seeing Faustulus. When the scenario ended, I was not given my spellcosting skills back.


As for the towns... rudimentary is the best I can say.


So.... [rating]BEST[/rating]

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From milk on the CSR:


(I already wrote some comments but managed to close the window, so I'll try to be brief. ...Well, it was a good try...)


This scenario seems ambitious, now that I've read the "intent" file.


The classic style and themes do bring some interesting color to it, now and then. Especially the cutscenes are indeed excellent. Still, the style varies.


In general, everything seems very tragic, threatening and doomed from beginning to the end. Towards the end, more extreme things happen, but the story might have been more effective at some points - and in fact, more tragic? - if the player had been given some additional calm, non-threatening moments, something beautiful, and/or more non-tragic, non-horrifying information. (Fasa was a nice detail, for example, though she didn't say that much.)


Or for example, in Scaevola' case, knowing something more about him and his background would have made me care more about his fate. Sometimes the dialogue is very straight-to-the-point.


Combat was a little bit too difficult to my taste (but that happens to me with many scenarios). Using pila and no magic was a nice change but my melee skills became almost useless. That's why the combat wasn't greatly versatile.


The environment was fitting (cave floors etc.), and the battle medicine kits and the ability to collect herbs were nice ideas.


There wasn't much in the two towns. It kind of fit the atmosphere but as a result, the world was emptier. An inn etc. wouldn't have hurt.


Giving more background would have made the world richer. Some details were already very interesting, like the herb collecting text and details about Roman beliefs and the worship of gods.


As a name, "Brutus" seems to me somewhat too used but otherwise the names were fine.


The quests could have appeared on the Quest List. The graphics were mostly excellent, except the black doors can't always be seen. (The carpet helps but I didn't realise it until in the end.)


This scenario seems to be a mix of many things and the style varies, so I'm not sure what to say about the storytelling. Except that the world and story could be richer... also more "immersing in the setting" as someone put it. But as a whole, not a bad scenario.



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From Andrew on the CSR:


An interesting scenario - I liked how the rhyme and reason for everything that occured earlier on comes together at the end.


I also appreciated the effort to change the nature of the combat - very creative! - but it was stilted toward the use of pila, which, getting down to brass tacks, I don't think would be nearly so powerful relative to melee weapons. Spears are great, but ultimately not as devastating as swords or hand-held spears. My melee characters however were essentially nerfed by comparison, and I think that's a bit off.


Also, I felt that combat on the whole was too difficult, even with liberal use of potions. Eventually I had to give up trying to fight the bats and just flee. Instead of making combat very difficult and then providing a liberal supply of potions, it may have been better to keep combat simpler, reduce the power of pila, and reduce availability of potions. While this would make the characters seem a little more mundane, I think that it would be in keeping with what you were trying to do, Kel.


Town design could have been tighter, but overall I felt that the tileset used for the outdoors and the castle were well chosen - for me they definitely conjured up the atmosphere of dreary Transylvania.


Not a big fan of the name Putidus - it immediately summons the definition of a similar word in Spanish, which ruins the effect.

(Not sure how much emphasis would be placed on pietas in the 2nd cent. - Rome had pretty much started downhill by that point. Also, Trajan conquered Dacia earlier in the 2nd cent., which would have changed its character a bit - I think most of the Dacians during that decade were busy digging Trajan's harbor in Ostia.)


A very cool, though somewhat flawed scenario. [rating]GOOD[/rating]for the creativity, the atmosphere, and the SPQR-ness.

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From Smoo on the CSR:


Spoilers ahoy! Beware the 2nd paragraph in the Plot/Characters section.


General: This is a short scenario, while this is not necessarily bad, it made me not care about the characters

that much. The designing of the towns was minimalistic. There isn't much to do in the towns. Putidus' castle is

designed well, but since the wall are taller than usual, the doors look stupid continuing all the way to the



Combat: It took me awhile to adjust to the combat, since LP reworks the combat system somewhat. In fact I was

pretty frustrated at the whole follow the road to whatever-the-name-the-town-had when I repeatedly got killed,

but then again I suck at combat. Meele was underpowered and the only way to beat the more challenging combat was

through constant use of pila, kind of boring if you ask me.


Plot/Characters: There is a lot of effort into building up the atmosphere. For some reason all the dramatic dark

castles yonder and cold breezy forests didn't do it for me. The writing is competent, it just isn't for my



Like I said I didn't really care about the characters. Mister Bad Guy Putidus was bastard-enough so that I

wanted to kill him, which lead to a disappointment when I couldn't personally kill him. This leads me to a point

in the plot that confused me somewhat. If Putidus gave Faustulus his "powers", then how come Faustulus is more

powerful than Putidus? Or is it just that Faustulus is powerful ENOUGH to kill Putidus?


Overall: If you get sucked into the atmosphere like most of the raters have and like more darker tales then

you'll probably enjoy Lord Putidus. Me? It didn't blow me away, but it was never terribly boring or anything





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From an unknown reviewer on the CSR:


Good and bad points as they come to mind.


- Thematic naming of characters and places. Ew.

- Seemingly inconsistent theme.

+ Altered combat - execution falls short, in my opinion, but it's certainly better than doing nothing.

+ Better than average storyline.

- Bit too Algiers-y.

- Can't see the freaking doors.

+ Interactive cutscenes.

+ Good puzzles


Pretty good overall, no particularly bad offenses commited, but nothing that wowed me either.



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From Arachnid on the CSR:


I think this scenario is somewhat over rated. Its not a 9 scenario, and I'd be being generous if I said it was an 8 scenario.


The town design was what really bothered me. The bottom floor of Putidus's castle was illogical (and ugly) while the top floors were difficult to navigate. (The doors were next to invisible!) The two "towns" were pretty lame as well. The first one was just an inn and two houses, while the second only had Scaevolas shop and that Faustulus guy's place. (Or was there a third building? Doesn't matter, they're still ugly towns. )


Also, I personalyl found the combat quite irritating, almost to the point of giving up in frustration. (Having two melee fighters might have ruined the experience, though. )


That being said, I'm probably being too hard on this scenario. The bit with Lucretia was excellent, and Putidus was a really good villain.



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From an unknown reviewer on the CSR:


I did like the feel of not having magic on my side, but I wished I would have been told that before my casting levels were erased my first attempt. (spoilers ahead, etc)


As for the scenario, the lack of pilum made it so hard to get to the second town that the entire scenario after that seemed like hours of grinding my face against concrete. I got the same feeling downstairs with the shades. The Faustilus part at the end was poorly done, because nothing assured you that where really WAS evidence to find. Even after all the map maker inflicts on us, he spits in our face with a deus ex machina ending that makes you delete the scenario file within minutes of its completion.


The feel was good, but it made me hate the word puditus. God what a stupid sounding word...



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From Nioca on the CSR:


An excellent scenario. It was convincingly done, the plot was good, the dialogue was good, town design was okay. My only wish would be that you could actually fight Putidus at the end as some sort of final boss. Granted, you can fight, but only a high level party will survive.


I liked the fact


it was actually set in modern-day Transylvania.


It added a fun little twist to it, and also suggested who Putidus really was.



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From Giny on the CSR:



Quite enjoyed this one. I actually loved the whole Dracula plot, which sticked to the Bram Stoker's novel- townspeople afraid of their lord, women turned into vampires, even if here it's not the adventurer's fiancee that is held in the lord's castle-. The dialogues were also well-written, the fights were quite easy, but that's what I expected from a beginner level party scenario.


Now, the cons: way too short- three " towns" with barely no people to talk with, no aside quests, well except for the animal cave, but that one was pointless I thought-.

No outdoors to explore, no special encounters, even no final fight with Lord Putidus.

And for god's sake, how were we supposed to notice the doors in Lord Putidus' castle: they were the same colour as the walls!


As a conclusion, I would say: pretty cool, but not that great.



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From Nikki on the CSR:



It's atmospheric and draws you in, yes. And the reworked combat was alright. But dammit, Kel, it just looked ugly. Darkening off a grass terrain for the outdoors would have been easy, and would have looked nicer, and outdoor roads indoors is a no-no.


But, admittedly, this aside, LP is still one of my favourite BoA scenarios, and influenced TV at least partially. So, you know...



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From Jemand on the CSR:


I hate to break the trend, but I don't think it was that great. It was ugly. Ephesos' help is definitely needed with the outdoors. The whole deal with cave floor and stuff, but it's supposed to be on the surface just doesn't fly.

The plot would be tolerable IF YOU COULD ACTUALLY WIN. I hate a badguy that you aren't supposed to beat. *Twilight Valley* This also suffers severely from over epicness, there are no survivors but you, and there are standard rooms full o' blood&guts. I like the way the mythology was worked in, but it didn't quite seem to fit.

Ooooh, the combat... The only way to beat most of the scenario was with the absurd uber-javelins of destruction. Even the bats and things can rip you up if you use the prefab party and you don't have 60 of the javelins.

The town design was fair. The two towns were tiny, but got the job done. The castle was good and evil, if somewhat badly laid out. It's hard to find architects who can design good evil castles.

There was a puzzle, but I didn't think it was great. I hate the way the U's and V's are switched. That puzzle resulted in a lot of forehead slapping.

The scenario overall is pretty short, and there is no great reward at the end, so I didn't think there is much replay value.


Pros: Interesting use of mythology, ancient and not-so-ancient.

Very evil looking castle. (Always important)

Nice PC/NPC graphics


Cons: Downright ugly outdoors.

Bad Plot

Bad combat

No Machrone

Poor puzzles

No sidequest

You get the point.



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From Excalibur on SV:


Lord Putidus


Combat - 5 - The method of slaying things in this scenario was completely reworked. I actually liked how it was done, having to use every resource available, but the lack of pilum throughout the game made it rather difficult. I must admit to using the character editor to provide more pilum, even after I sold every scrap I could find.


Visual design - 9 - The first thing in mind concerning this subject is the Castle Putidum. It was well orchestrated right down to the lighting. Custom graphics also provided excellent appeal, especially under the castle. I must say though, having ice and lava in such close quarters was rather strange. The friendly towns in the scenario could have been better, but the scenario was excellent overall in this field.


Technical design - Best - This scenario displays complete mastery of the BoA engine. The cutscenes were scripted well, the combat system was altered perfectly, and everything else was incorporated commendably.


Writing - Best - I liked it a lot, and it tied well with the story.


Story/Plot - Best - Even though some of it is based on other works, I think it's the best BoA has to offer. I was really disappointed, however, that it's impossible to safely kill Lord Putidus by yourself.


Enjoyability - Best - Round of applause


Overall - [rating]GOOD[/rating]- because the lack of pilum caused difficult combat.

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From The Lurker on SV:


Well, I never understood how this scenario became so popular. Just because the author obviously loves eating poisonous mushrooms while designing doesn't make this scenario a masterpiece, you know.

Now, usually I try to be nice when writing reviews, or at least I try to give constructive criticism, but I make exceptions for authors who don't even try, and this seems to be the case here. Lord Putidus is hilariously bad, from beginning to end. Kelandon comes across as horribly arrogant and pretentious in both the readme and intent files. Poor Kel truly seems to think taking random characters and places from famous authors and maxing them together in a grotesque travesty makes a great story. Heck, he even thinks some kind of deity inspired him to write this - notice how he says "and I'm not quite sure why, but Lucretia immediately popped into my head, so I named the bartender Lucretia. At that point, I REALIZED what my scenario was going to be." Notice the "realized". I am speechless. But the stupidity doesn't end here.


"Lucretia's death is a cut scene, necessarily so, but I wanted it to feel almost like dialogue: you can choose different things to say, giving replayability, but I felt it was tremendously important that you NOT be able to save her"


Gratuitously killing off a character is not a good plot twist. I can think of plenty of sad endings that are *not* pointless, like Frostbite's and Areni's.


"Shakespearean themes, such as revulsion at flesh and obedience to a husband, played well into the rewritten Lucretia story."


No comment.


But anyway, back to the real scenario. The plot is, as expected if you read the txt files before playing the scenario, utterly terrible. The characters are bland, cliché and unmoving. The story and plot twists are so poorly told it will assuredly make some people laugh. Kelandon's despicable sexism is obvious throughout his scenarios, but it's especially unbearable in this one. According to him, women in stories are meant to :


1) be raped

2) have sex

3) have children


Let's hope he doesn't think the same of real-life women.


Arguably the most ridiculous part of the scenario is what happens after Faustulus kills Putidus ("look at me! my internal organs have been severely damaged, and I'm barely even alive, but I can still find enough energy to yell nonsense at you before disappearing in a fireblast, w00t!"). You truly have to see it to believe it.


The combat is a mediocre attempt at remaking Creator's idea (Unlike Areni, LP gives you potions depending on how many potions you currently have, meaning that you can drop all of your potions in a town, go outdoors to get some more potions, and so on; so you can basically have infinite potions).


Town design is awful, especially for the first one.


The cutscenes aren't nearly as good as some people seem to think : Lucrecia walking backwards in Putidus's throne room? The party still having combat mode graphics after killing Putidus? Bleh.


The letter puzzle is an obvious reference to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and adds little to the scenario.


+5 for being laughable.

+0.5 for making Javelins useful.

+0.5 for the "no-magic" idea, which had potential.

-4 for not being intentionally funny.


2.0 ([rating]POOR[/rating])

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