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In the Shadow of Dragons

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In the Shadow of Dragons



Author: Nemesis






Composite Score: 3.8/5.0


Best: 0.00% (0/6)

Good: 83.33% (5/6)

Average: 16.67% (1/6)

Substandard: 0.00% (0/6)

Poor: 0.00% (0/6)






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From Nioca on the CSR:


The first rating is always the hardest.


Okay, maybe not. Anyway, on with the rating.


Overview - While it has its flaws and pitfalls, ItSoD is a first that'll leave you wondering what masterworks Nemesis will come up with in the future. It puts many first scenarios to shame, though it may not necessarily stack-up to the higher-ranking scenarios available.


Plot - Decent. It's no masterpiece, but it gets the job done. You're sent to kill a dragon, and that is precisely what you set out to do. Clear-cut, no plot hiccups. It does have a filler dungeon, but it was clever enough that it added to the scenario rather than detracting from it. The only real problem I had with it is, occasionally, the atmosphere seemed to break, mainly with some of the characters. The humor probably did more harm than good, but I admit that this may be personal taste.


Combat - Good. However, I imagine that a lot of older designers or players will scream about it. This scenario consists mostly of one major three-level dungeon crawl. However, the combat is enough to put you on your guard now and then, without crossing over to tedious hacking. A minor exception to this is the outdoor encounters, but they've improved greatly since the beta version. The final fight was good and appropriately challenging.


Design - Excellent. This is where ItSoD really stands out. Nemesis showed an incredible knack with town design. ItSoD's towns were unique, interesting, and even a little innovative. I look forward to more towns and dungeons from him. Outdoor design was also good, though it wasn't quite as well done as the towns.


Graphics - Very Good. This was a visual treat to see, and Ephesos may have up-and-coming competition when it comes to visually-beautiful scenarios. The firefalls and certain rooms in particular were simply outstanding.


Balance - Okay. There are a couple balance oddities, such as Milk providing invulnerability. The only real issue with balance is the final reward, which, cash-wise, is a little much. Expect to come out of this scenario much wealthier. No artifact issues to speak of, though.


Technical - Decent. No bugs that I'm aware of, and the scenario is a little innovative now and then. The dark indoor lighting for the Dragonite camp was interesting, but aside from that, the scenario isn't technically advanced.


Gameplay - Good. A good way to spend time for a higher-level party. Fun is to be had from the first moment to the last. I recommend it.



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From S M Adventurer on the CSR:



Dragonites, huh?


Well, this scenario was pretty...... interesting to say the least. The plot basically consists of these new type of foe called Dragonites, which you and I may essentially calll, tough Slithzerikai that can breathe fire. I have to say, some interesting scripting. Like the ability to cast Capture Mind on the Imprisoned Dragonite to make him talk. Well, finally an interesting use for that spell. You could have also casted Terror on him, but I didn't try that.

Graphics were awesome. The lava falls were an amazing graphical accomplishment. The Dragonite graphics were pretty good too. The pit in the Dragonite cave was a bit too dangerous though, I fell in once. The results weren't pleasant. Note to self: Don't walk on the edge of that pit again.


The dragon was a interesting final boss. He had some interesting things to say before you fight him. Then the ending, it left me contemplating if they are any more dragons that seek vengeance on the Empire, or any more friendly dragons exist. The text was well put in stating this point.


Overall, a great scenario.



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From Turtle on SV:


Nice smallish scenario.

Personally, my favourite character was the cow. The orphanage was an unusual and interesting element. The town provided the bare minimum of amenities, though--basically just someone to buy your stuff. No place to buy missiles or potions--except for the all-powerful milk, of course. If you don't like worrying about strategy, milk is the stuff for you! And yes, there's lots of loot; even before you kill the dragon, the weapons of the dragonites seem a bit overvalued. As for the dragon, I feel obliged to point out that the final combat is too easy, especially if you use the milk. Either way, the dragon will let you walk right up to him, bless and haste yourself, and start hacking before he turns hostile.

One thing the milk does allow you to do is to view the most beautiful element of the scenario--the lava falls--from the best vantage point.

On the whole, a well-designed and enjoyable scenario--and a good place to go if you're short on cash (or milk).



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From Smoo on SV:


In the Shadow of Dragons is just the kind of basic adventure I like. The player, your standard adventurer, is sent to your standard backwater, possibly a valley, to investigate your standard monster plague. Okay, dragon sightings, dragonites (red sliths who spits balls of fire at you) maybe not the standardest (<- This isn't a word, I guess) of monster plagues, but you get the idea.


Everything is competently designed. The towns and dungeons are pretty enough as well as the one and only outdoor sections. There's plenty of dialogue in the friendly towns. There's plenty to kill in hostile towns. There's loot, although the milk is a bit too powerful. What more do you want?


Well, maybe some more length. But then again I honestly can't see how the plot could have been expanded without making it drag. In fact, I think the end dungeon was a bit too long to begin with. (It's a three-parter.) Maybe some side-quests would have been nice?


One nagging little thing before I get on with the scoring: "Maybe you're getting warmer :p" Please don't use gremlins in your dialog. - 0.1 points.



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