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El Presidente

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El Presidente



Author: Nikki, Thralni



Version: 1.0.0



Composite Score: 3.3/5.0


Best: 0.00% (0/8)

Good: 25.00% (2/8)

Average: 75.00% (6/8)

Substandard: 0.00% (0/8)

Poor: 0.00% (0/8)






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From Nioca on the CSR:



Every time I've tried to review this scenario thus far, I got distracted by something. This time was no different.


An excellent short scenario. The plot's interesting, and is carried to full fruition without being over-extended. Combat was well done, and the final fight was appropriately hard, no matter which side you played. Oh, and that's something else; you can choose to play this scenario from the vantage point of the good guys or the bad guys (though good and bad are somewhat relative). It was an interesting contrast too. You could play from one side and see how that part of the plot went down, then play it from the other side to see all the details you missed.


The technical aspects were good too, without just being flash for the sake of flash. The pre-made party depending on which side you chose was a nice, though a note of warning: any party you take into this will be totally revamped and, in some cases, wrecked.


Nikki and Thralni have really outdone themselves this time.




I'd love to give it higher, but I'm reserving the 8.0s and above for the most outstanding scenarios.

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From Enraged Slith on the CSR:


Hmm... very short but sweet. The town design is great, the combat is sufficiently difficult, and the story/dialogue is immersive. There is a bug with the doors. When standing next to a door, if you hit it with a bolt of fire, you can continue through the door while still in combat mode. If you happen to save in the room, you're stuck, as the state decides to start working once you exit combat mode.


Although I enjoyed playing through the story line and wandering around the well desgined town, the idea behind the scenario is much better than the scenario itself, so I hope to see this made into a larger product sometime in the future.


I'm not sure how I would break down my grading so here's the postive and negative points:


+ Great dialogue

+ Immersive story

+ Two different paths

+ The added roleplaying aspect


- Short scenario length

- Lack of enemies (I hardly encountered any enemies except for the end)

- The use of my terrain graphics without giving me credit!!! >:

(This is a personal thing, so I wont detract it from the score.)


In the end, I'll give El Presidente a rating of [rating]AVERAGE[/rating]


The graphic thing isn't really that big of a deal, just please be more careful in the future.

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From Smoo on the CSR:


So... I seem to remember Nikki saying somewhere that he himself enjoys short scenarios. All well and good, but do they have to be this short? The fact that you can play El Presidente on two sides la Nethergate doesn't really make it any longer.


EP takes place in one, nicely designed, town. The town isn't really all that different depending on which side you play. There are a few dialog-bits that vary depending on whose side you're on, but that's about it. At any rate the player's job is either to plunder, pillage and burn the town or save it. Neither side was very challenging and I found it odd that my PC was hasted/blessed/healed when he killed something.


Speaking of the PC, yes THE PC, El Prez forces a singleton on the player since it is first and foremost a story scenario. The story's a bit iffy however and by iffy I mean that it feels like it was written by Iffy*. Oh and EP tells the player to rename his/her character to boost the atmosphere, since the designer(s) apparently didn't realize that they can do this themselves. Lazarus did it in Frostbite.


I'd like to end this by bitching about the combat some more. While playing on the bandits side the Dervish was too weak, although I suppose they don't all have to be crazy tough. During the destroy some doors quest I was told that I had no reason to go to the town hall, but apparently I had ample reasons to go anywhere else. Also in the very final fight the city guard just sort of ran away when the fighting started and I doubt this was intentional. While playing as the city guard all of the bandits weren't dead when the scenario told me that the mayor was saved and um... well it just wasn't that challenging. Oh! And I didn't like how the mission before the mayor fight was the same on both sides.




*Keep your pants on! I'm not serious.

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From Jewels on SV:


Could have done without the swearing. Really, people, adding swear words to anything written, be it a scenario, short story, or book, does not 'add' anything to the story. In fact, it turns off whatever percentage of your audience that doesn't like to swear. If you want the player to know that someone has a dirty mouth, there are many cleaner and more creative ways to express the same thing. "So-and-so burst out in a long string of explicits that would cause even your sailor of a great-uncle to blush if he could hear them." Swearing is automatic point deduction in my book, especially for a game that should be able to be enjoyed by younger kids.

/motherly wash your mouth out rant.


Graphics and town design nice, scripting pretty neat, both storylines, meh, been there done that. It was nice to see how each side saw the battle, though. I did run into a bug during the fight with the mayor while playing town guard. The mages were attacking their own melee fighters.



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