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Author: Michael Slack






Composite Score: 2.8/5.0


Best: 0.00% (0/6)

Good: 0.00% (0/6)

Average: 83.33% (5/6)

Substandard: 16.67% (1/6)

Poor: 0.00% (0/6)






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From Thralni on the CSR:


This is a very, very weird scenario. The whole point is running around following clues, it seems.


The plot was very... surprising. I had started this scenario with the idea that "Amnesia" was a nice title, and if it had what I expected from the title, it would be good. That was not the case. Actually, you are there for something completely different, namely...



because an old fart thinks you should have some small test to leave you with only your wits and try to teach you some modesty that way



This means no combat, which I like. It does mean running around following clues and puzzles, which weren't difficult, except for the riddle part. I hate riddles. other than that, I did think it was an interesting idea, but it could have been better, if the writing weren't so poor...


There also were inconsistensies in dialogue. The author probably presumed one would talk to everybody in town, before moving on to the next sector of the town. Yeah, forgot to mention that: The story is et in a big town, consisiting of five zones/sectors/areas/whatever. Well, that's not the case: I didn't talk to everybody in the first sector before proceding to the next sector. When I arrived at a school, I could ask about things I never heard about, which was weird. This could have been made better.


The aquiring of hints and such was weird, too. You would put some clothes on, walk into the next sector, and you would get a message: "Go read some books in the library, Luke." Right. Star Wars influence? I don't know. Anyway, getting such a message is weird, just out of the blue. And consider this: You walk into a sector after getting a key and you get a message "you feel you are moved," then "a man comes up to you." It goes on for that for about half a minute, all sort of out of the blue. Really strange.


Towndesign wasn't good, but not bad. It did feel like a town that could work, but it was a pity you could talk to maybe a third of the population.


There were a lot of custom graphics, which in itself isn't bad. However, some of the graphics were in 2D, which looked weird.


I could go on like this, but I think I said enough to give some impression of what this is like: Weird. However, the story was actually very interesting, although the writing was poor, the clues were sort of blown in your face, dialogue was poor and some other things were genarlly strange.


I didn't find it very bad, actually. The story I actually found good and it is an interesting idea, but the execution lacked a bit, though the overall weirdness fitted extremely well with the story: waking up in an alley is weird, so the story might be slightly weird too, no?



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From Nioca on the CSR:


This is definitely not one of the better scenarios I've played. Thralni pretty much summed it up. But yeah, I was pretty much wanting amnesia (the medical condition) just so I wouldn't remember playing this one. No such luck.



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From Salmon on the CSR:


It's good to see Mike is still designing, and breaking into new ground. Exploring the capabilities of BoA and still releasing new scenarios is commendable. The town certainly had that claustrophobic feel of old towns, hopefully what you were looking for. The layout was difficult to navigate though, as your move to new town spaces weren't always in the obvious places. Perhaps maps, like those in E/A3, would have been helpful. Anyhow, I enjoyed playing it despite the faults, and look forward to more.



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From Jemand on the CSR:


Not the best scenario, but not bad fo ran abstract weird one, either. I didn't like the ending, and giving one hundred skill points as a reward in some ways ruins the party. The hints are kind of blatent, and the library takesforever to read through. Nice custom graphics, if a bit odd. The city isn't to badly laid out, except for the fact that it's one fifth garbage dump.



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From Nikki on the CSR:


It's alright. It's not gonna set the world alight, but, as Salmon said, it's nice to see that Mike is still designing.


The skill point reward is a bit broke, because actually, I didn't think I earned it. That said, if I had fought through the scenario, maybe I'd have earned that many through leveling up?


Town design is my biggest issue. I mean, it's nice that everything is there (did I see a laundromat?) but it's all a bit... claustrophobic. Maybe it was deliberate, but it wasn't to my tastes...


Umm, [rating]AVERAGE[/rating] because it's actually okay. Points removed because I wanted TV to be the first non-combat BoA thing. tongueold.gif

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From Smoo on the CSR:


Alright, what Amnesia suffers from is that it is designed by Mike Slack. This means that the dialog is barren with its same two questions for every single NPC and the plot is never developed. This is a real shame since the premise, though clichd, had some potential.


Amnesia works like an adventure game. You walk around finding clues and solving simple puzzles: Read X so you can ask Y about Z so that you can open D. That's about it since there's no combat or no real joy to read through the dialog. Add all this to the fact that Amnesia is really short so I really wouldn't recommend this scenario.


But you really have to give Slack credit for one thing: This is his third scenario and none of his work has been greatly appreciated (I might even say some hate his work.) but he still keeps on designing. Kudos! *Golf applause*



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