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Am I missing something really basic? (hopefully a spoiler answer)


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Hi guys.


Just registered and hope that someone can help me.


Playing Avadon on the iPad2 and seem to have struck a brick wall.


Have played a few RPG in my time so this is really annoying me that I can't work it out.


Completed the first 2 quests from Hand Callen who is now telling me to come back later.


The only active quest is "Get Supplies". I have spoken to both the Smith and the Craftmaster and acquired supplies/equipment.


However, the quest still remains unfulfilled and Hand Callen is still telling me to come back later. I have spent over an hour wandering around absolutely everywhere that I am able (returning to all three NPC's regularly) and nothing has changed.


Am I missing something blindingly obvious or is this a bug?


Any advice appreciated.

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