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Unhandled exception


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Hi there,


I'm working on a scenario which have three custom creatures Pretty simple creatures, I mean. I've just dowloaded some custom graphics and gave them a few interesting skills. My forth creature is even simplier: a priest (creature #11) with a diferent graphic sheet.

The problem is that when that alternative priest dies, the game crashes with the "unhandled exception" error. Is there any way to fix that?


By the way, the graphics for that priest come from Avernum 1. Is it okay to use these graphics, since they're from Spiderweb?

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When the game crashes when a creature dies, it's usually because the graphic sheet you're using is smaller than the one the game expects. If the game thinks you're using an extended sheet (the one with sitting poses and attack ready poses) but you're actually using a condensed sheet, it winds up looking for an out of range graphic when the creature dies, and the game crashes.


TLDR: cr_small_or_large_template = 0;

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Are you importing from the default priest (in other words, do you have a line that looks like "import = 11;")? I believe the default priest uses a large template, so it has "cr_small_or_large_template = 1;" in its code.

If you import a creature that uses a large template normally and you want to use a smaller template instead you need to include the line "cr_small_or_large_tempate = 0;" in the new creature's code so it overrides the old creature's code (I hope that made sense).

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Anyway, I'll use cr_small_or_large_tempate = 0 from now on.
The thing to do is not to always set this property to zero, but to select its value depending on which size graphic sheet you're using for the creature in question. (Maybe you already understood this, but I thought I'd speak up so as to be certain that you wouldn't run into an unpleasant recurrence of this problem again later.) However, for your specific case a value of 0 is definitely what you want, for the reason B.J.Earles noted above.
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