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E3: Easy money (no editer)


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Found a neat way to max out cash in 10 minutes without any help from the editer.



At least 5 alchemy skill

Strong Curing potion recipe

Anama rings (fake ones work too)

Be in Lorelei


Head to the Anama building in the south-western part of the city. Buy glowing nettle (at 15 gold each. comes in stacks of 3 for 45 gold)

Strong curing potions need 1 glowing nettle, so cost 15 gold to make, and sell for 350 gold. Selling them is a short walk away, at the random item shop in the big building near the middle of town.


Anyone else got quick money making tips? I'm doing a semi-editerless run (I've used it to give myself 2 piercing crystals and exactly 2 gold pieces. Should be all.) so getting mass cash at a fast rate is nice.

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I haven't tried this out extensively (especially since I'm not very far on E3 as opposed to A3 -_-;;; ), but I heard that once you sell something to Levy on at least one of those games (I forget which, but it's worth a try), he'll sell it back to you an unlimited number of times. Since he's such a tightwad, you probably lose more money than you would make selling them, but having an unlimited supply of certain things might be nice. With your strategy, it would work even better because you could make back the money from buying stuff from Levy fast.

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