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Sound loop


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No, your only three options for sounds are setting the background sound, playing a one-shot sound which blocks the game until it finishes, and playing a one-shot sound which does not block. It sounds like you're doing the last of these, and the only other choice that might suit what you want would be changing the background sound, which comes with its own problems. (Namely, as I recall, there is no way to distribute customized sounds for use on Windows, so you wouldn't be able to prepare a combined sound that consisted of a mix of one of the background sounds with the other sound you want.)

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Yes, exactly. I was just hoping that there was a way to keep the sound going, similar to how the animations keep moving even when in-game time isn't passing.


But apparently it's more trouble than it's worth, so we'll just have to imagine the roar of the waterfall. Oh well, we don't play BoA for the realism. smile

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