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Strange Gildra



Author: Benjamin Earles

Levels: 13-18

Version: 1.0.0



Composite Score: 3.0/5.0


Best: 0.00% (0/2)

Good: 0.00% (0/2)

Average: 100.00% (2/2)

Substandard: 0.00% (0/2)

Poor: 0.00% (0/2)





Keywords: Avernum Universe, Mystery, Multiple Endings, Serious

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The readme did not tell me which levels to use--that was irritating. Combat was generally too easy... the author wished to use a variety of creatures, but he didn't change their levels at all, so I would fight one very high creature with a slew of very low-level ones... for example, 20 goblins and an ogre mage. It's a shame, since it's pretty easy to edit levels for whole creature types. Combat was generally easy at level 15. And one pet-peeve: Why is the priest who's "helping" me SELLING me spells, rather than just TEACHING them for FREE--never mind pretty average prices?! :-(


Of course, I'm only taking note of such a complaint because the scenario does actually work--especially so for a beginning designer. It's very standard affair, with both rewards and difficulty being a bit low until near the end. Still, I kind of appreciate that--and there were some nice tricks thrown in, too! And, I was very fond of how to save the villagers.


The dialogue seemed convinced on telling me there was "no secret" in an obvious fashion, revealing it only mildly less subtly. However, Also, it's far too easy to just get lost at some points. Since this isn't plot-necessary, I'm just going to shout out:



There. I've just saved you 1-2 hours of frustration.


Overall, I have to rate this scenario [rating]Average[/rating]. But really, for a first effort, that's more than to be expected, and it showed a great deal of promise! So, good going.

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Content: A decently sized scenario. A couple outdoors sections, a town, and a handful of dungeons. Nothing to complain about.


Story: The story was a turn-off for me. The basic plot is alright, but you'll find yourself doing quests with no real understanding of why. You have to get one specific MacGuffin for the final fight, and by the end of the scenario I still had no idea why it was necessary.


Pacing: While the story is basically an excuse plot to move you from one dungeon to another, you're still kept busy with no lulls in the action that I can recall. Again, no complaints here.


Combat: I remember one fight in the Humming Cave being pretty difficult. Also, the difficulty of the final dungeon might vary depending on your party. I built my party with the High Level Party Maker, and spend my excess cash on consumables. Thus, fights against monsters which inflicted status effects were easier.


Scripting: I don't recall any bugs. However, I wish this scenario used the quest list a bit more.


Aesthetics: It's set in Avernum. As I recall, town and dungeon design was fine.


Overall: Decent, but nothing remarkable. [rating]AVERAGE[/rating]

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I'm giving this a best rating.


Multiple possible endings, and I always like secrets. I think there was a decent storyline.


That said, anything with secrets and multiple possible endings and halfway decently done combat and a halfway decently done storyline, I'm probably going to give a best rating on unless it's loaded with glitches.


I could understand this being average for some people.


It took multiple playthroughs to find out how to get the best ending. Once I did, that felt pretty good though.

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