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Following the party


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I think you're going to want to use the call approach_char() for that. Set the first argument ME so that you can reuse the script for each character who follows the party. (The first argument determines which character will actually approach the character you want it to.) The second argument should be set to 0 (so that the NPC follows the party's first player) and the last argument should be set to how close you want them to follow the first party member. (I'd set it to something like 6 or 7, so it doesn't get so close that it becomes annoying to the player.)


You'll want to put this call somewhere in the start state.

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You can see an example of this in t9griffon in Diplomacy with the Dead. As a refinement of what Duck suggests, you might have the character approach the last character in the party, so that it follows without getting in the way at the front, and then make the distance to approach fairly small. You can also run approach_char() only if the target character is too far away, as t9griffon does.

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