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E3 - Is going in the Spiral Crypt worth it?


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I have a registered copy of Exile 3. Anyway, I'm in the Spiral Crypt, in Central Valorim. I've answered the monster's riddle correctly, and now I have to work out how to get out of the place. Is it worth the trouble? I mean, will I get a special prize after I get out? Or should I just not bother (I have another game saved before I went into the Crypt).

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You can get everything with the editor, so that's not much of a reason to avoid any non-critical areas. I think there is a pair of Micah's Gloves in there as well, but that's not much better.


—Alorael, who can't recall any wondrous treasure from the crypt. It's mainly annoyance with the odd entertaining quickghast.

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