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Adventurer's Club 3 - Lucinda's Manor


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I've taken one of the electric barriers down but for some reason I can't figure for the life of me the book order.


Bookshelf placement:

12 34


56 78


I put the books in this order:


1 - A Little Girl

2 - Adventurers Club

3 - Deadly Goblins

4 - Quintessence

5 - Spears

6 - The Expedition

7 - The Forsaken

8 - tehGRICH!!!


Even though that is alphabetical, nothing happens after placing them that way.


I've also tried reversing the order but to no avail.


I was wondering what was the required order.

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Finally figured out that they were arranged from down to up and not straight across.


End result:


12 34


56 78


1 - Adventurers Club

2 - Deadly Goblins

3 - The Expedition

4 - The Forsaken

5 - A Little Girl

6 - Quintessence

7 - Spears

8 - tehGRICH!!!


Though alphabetically, tehGRICH!!! is lowercase and it still should have been dead last.

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