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Exile 1 and 2: What's the propper progression path?


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One of the best things about Mr Vogel's games is that you can pretty much go anywhere at any stage of the game and do reasonably well. (Unless the baddies are too strong, in which case you die horribly and do not, in fact, do well.)


Now, as a result of obtaining the original versions of these two beauties complete with original graphics (Thanks to those who assisted! laugh ), I'm going to play right through the series. Start to finish, without using the Editors at all in an attempt to get that nostalgic feeling I had when I first played the games all those years ago.


Now, the reason for tihs post however is because I'm wondering if anyone has actually written down a walkthrough. I don't want to be guided through, but what I do want is to be able to go on each quest, side quest and new area as Mr Vogel intended when he wrote the games. To play them as they were intended to be played, as it were.


So, if you know of anything like this, please let me know. I'd greatly appreciate it. smile

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