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  1. Thank you very much. I think I have enough information to make a decision now.
  2. What I mean when I say "feel of the game' is the intended atmosphere that the game projects. Would I have a lesser experience by using this on my first playthrough rather than playing the game as intended? It's hard for me to express what I mean in this regard, so I apologise for that. Does it make things too easy? Does it feel like using the Character editor or exploiting a glitch for gains?
  3. Hello. I'm a veteran of the Exile and Avernum series and I'm about to start my first playthrough of Avernum: Escape from the Pit. My question is whether or not I should use the Remix mod. I've gone over the list of changes and all of them seem to be extremely well thought out and full of flavor and I -want- to use it for these changes, but the only thing stopping me is whether the mod alters the 'feel' of the game. In the Remix thread itself it says "this isn't really intended for new players" and so I am wary. What do you guys suggest?
  4. One of the best things about Mr Vogel's games is that you can pretty much go anywhere at any stage of the game and do reasonably well. (Unless the baddies are too strong, in which case you die horribly and do not, in fact, do well.) Now, as a result of obtaining the original versions of these two beauties complete with original graphics (Thanks to those who assisted! ), I'm going to play right through the series. Start to finish, without using the Editors at all in an attempt to get that nostalgic feeling I had when I first played the games all those years ago. Now, the reason for t
  5. First off, I'd like to thank the creator of this thread for posting this. The Exile series is something that has been a part of my gaming life for many years and the chance to re-experience the original versions was something I jumped at quite eagerly. However, while I was able to download Exile 1, the link to Exile 2 is no longer valid. Is there anyone kind enough to upload it somewhere so that I can get a copy of it? I've been searching for the last hour on Abandonware websites and so forth in an attempt to find it, but thus far I've been without luck in the matter.
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