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Exile 3 - Evil Acolyte in Bolton


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In Bolton, there is a hostile Evil Acolyte in one of the buildings. If you charm him, however, you can talk to him. His name is Oppenheimer, and is a sage.


This is most likely a misstake, because i don't find it very likely that people walk around in towns and charm people they meet (well i did, but it's besides the point).


btw, Oppenheimer was a physicist and counts as the father of the a-bomb

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Yes, the priest is probably a mistake. Either that or he's more evil than he seems.


—Alorael, who also credits Oppenheimer with being the "father" of one of the most misattributed phrases ever. "I am become death, destroyer of worlds," may have been his own odd translation (doubtful), but it's definitely the Bhagavad Gita.

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