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Missing .wav files?


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I did a search on the forum but didn't see any posts regarding this.


I have the Windows BoE code in Visual Studio 2005 and when I build it, it complains about missing the snd0.wav - snd25.wav which it expects in the path /BoeSounds/sounds/ path. Editing blades.rc I can see there are many more in there. Were these removed for space purposes? Where can I get them?


Thanks in advance for the help!



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What Windows version of Blades of Exile are you trying to compile for it to ask for missing wav files (the latest version use Ormus' sound dll ... or has it been changed and i didn't noticed confused) ?


Nonetheless, using a SVN client should do the trick ... or you can download the original source code which contains them (ftp://ftp.spiderwebsoftware.com/mac/bladesofexilesource.zip).


If i remember correctly some sounds were swapped or different between Windows and Mac version ... i don't know if that has been changed but worth to mention.


Hope it helps,



Edit :

Originally Posted By: Chokboyz
I have the Windows BoE code in Visual Studio 2005

Never tried to compile it using the Visual Studio compiler, tell us if it works ... wink

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Thanks for the response.


Actually I do have an older version of the source code it seems (after digging on the openexile site) which does not have the .dll.


I'll poke around some more before I post another question so as not to ask too many n00b questions.


Downloading an svn client and will play with that for awhile.


Thanks again!



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