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Nowt to do with Exile but.....

Princess Ruth

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You lot have always fixed my computer problems and I have another one!

I've just started trying to use Outlook Express 6 for my boyfriend's work, and everytime I try to get mail it times out connecting to the server. I know I have the POP3 and the SMTP stuff right as it works fine on Eudora, and I've been through the whole help file and found nothing. Can anyone help me? Thanks

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Good Morning,

Sounds like you need a change in the settings of the OE.

1.) It sounds like you don't have a problem with directly connecting OE, so it must be:

2.) If you're already "on line" with IE, then try to connect OE; is that when it "trips off"?

IF so, then you need to change a setting.

In IE; in the "Tools" drop down; click on "Internet Options".

The "board" that comes up will have numerous "tabs". Click on the "connections" tab.

There will be three "boxes" for options.

Check the box for "Dial whenever a connection is not present." would be my choice.

If you click "never" then the program won't connect at all.

If you, (and probably are), click on "always", then each time you try to run OE, the machine closes your present, on line connection, to connect as you've indicated you want to.

This "board" can also be accessed from OE by clicking on "Tools", "Options", "Connection" and you should be at the "setup" board for both programs.

Hope this answered what your difficulty is. If not, give a whistle back with a bit more detail as to when exactly the program "trips off".


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