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E3- Thought Crystals


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Two questions. First, I've found the bunker, and was wondering something. In a previous file I played through with the Thought Crystals, and dont remember them being very useful. Do they do anything?, and when? I want to get wyrmslayer, but if they do anything real great I could live without it.

Second, just out of curiosity, where do you fight the lich. I forget where i found him last time.

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The Thought Crystals get you out of one moderately difficult battle. If you win the battle by killing your enemies, you set yourself up for more trouble later on and missing an important but not essential meeting. However, since you don't need to win the fight, just get through it, the Thought Crystals aren't amazingly helpful.


That's pretty vague to avoid spoilers, but I think you can get the idea. The Thought Crystals are a minor help if you know what you're doing and a moderate to significant help if you don't.


—Alorael, who wouldn't take Wyrmslayer anyway. It's not a very good sword against anything but lizards and dragons, of which there aren't too many. The Cooling Amulet is a better deal. It probably slightly reduces all fire damage. Probably, but not certainly.

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