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  1. I've beat the golems several times before, but I always did it on accident. Mostly I would wander around the second floor, flipping levers and such, until I stumbled on the control room. Sorry I cant be much help, but I know once you do get to the control room, you gotta press the button that lets you go to the cellar, which takes you to the final golem tower. (the one surrounded by high mountains). Then you gotta go to the Vahnatai room and destroy the power crystal. Its confusing as hell.
  2. Two questions. First, I've found the bunker, and was wondering something. In a previous file I played through with the Thought Crystals, and dont remember them being very useful. Do they do anything?, and when? I want to get wyrmslayer, but if they do anything real great I could live without it. Second, just out of curiosity, where do you fight the lich. I forget where i found him last time.
  3. Thanks for the help. The only other items I was wondering about were the Mace of Disruption, and Shield of Kron. Also, I've found the airy stone, is there any purpose to it except being REALLY heavy?
  4. That would explain some things. But one reason deamonslayer interested me is that the editor isnt the only place i saw it. When you're recovering the orb of thralni, one of the labels says Deamonslayer. You know, the hall with the chests for items the bandits want to steal. But that could explain items like the Adamantine axe and others.
  5. Ive played thru Exile 3 several times, and found many of the artifacts and other magical items. I thought I'd found all there was, but while looking in the editor, found several weapons i had never seen or heard of. Can anyone tell me how to find these? I've found the Flaming Sword, Assassins Knife, Alien Blade, Boltblade and more, but haven't even a clue where to look for most of the others, specifically Deamon Slayer. Any tips would be appreciated.
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