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general q's???


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1. Some people think that Exile games are better than many of the ones produced now. smile If you like good gameplay and don't care about graphics, games like Exile still look appealing. Fun gameplay is still fun gameplay and good story is still a good story whether the game was made yesterday or 10 years ago.


2. This is the first time I've heard of Exile games being "freeware". Who told you that they are? Maybe they meant that Exile is "shareware"?

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I agree with Zeviz. Even though I hardly play Spiderweb games anymore since there are so many better games out there, when I do exile is one of the first that I come back to. Exile is a great RPG with nearly limitless gaming hours. If you've ever played Morrowind, you can compare them, the only differences being the time slot in which they were made and Morrowind being a much more advanced game.

I like avernum as well, but theres something different about exile. And Geneforge has many different twists, but you can't reclear dungeons once you've cleared them out already.

BTW, exile is $25 alone. I don't know if its 35 or 30 dollars with the editor. You can get all 3 classics in a package deal for 60 dollars though. smile

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