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Current binaries/source?

Prince of Kitties

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I'm ironing a few bug out before releasing the code (would someone gives me an accurate description of the "timer event doesn't appear to work" bug ? wink )


Meanwhile, Ishad Nha has compiled version of OBoE that incorporates lots of recents bug fixes. I think this link is the one : http://www.freewebs.com/ishadnha/BoE2009.zip


Hope it helps,


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This, of course, doesn't happens with current version of the code ...

Moreover, the previous executable behaves strangely (there is more than the Summon Monster special node that doesn't work, but should anyway) ...


I doubt this file is Ishad Nha's latest build (cause it's pretty flawed), but i can't seems to find another ... Maybe if he's around, you can ask him ...

Meanwhile, don't mind the bug you encounter wink



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When revision of the main Blades of Exile game started, I was the only revisor. Now Chokboyz has come along and he knows how to program, unlike me. My intention is to let Chokboyz' version be the "official" revision.

Best solution is for him to upload his version and update it with each major revision. This way he will get warning if there are any problems with the code.

My version has not been updated in about ten days, I have been doing all sorts of things elsewhere, chasing up Exile 3 modular towns and what have you.

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