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Where on earth is Aydin? (and a scroll)


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After handing Erika all five brooches, she tells you to go find someone named Aydin, traitor of the empire, on an island north of the giant 'cave.' To find out the location of a spot somewhere on the map that can be used to teleport you to the surface.


I'm not sure if I headed north from the correct cave (I'm assuming pyrog's lair is the giant's cave.)


After two hours or more of searching, I've turned up NOTHING. I can't find this Aydin guy anywhere.


Also, I cant find the underground fort where Khoth's (or Khroth, whatever the dragon's name is that starts with a K and owns the library with spirits in it) scroll is.


Locations for both of these items would be great... screenshots of the map would probably help (I'm dull witted) but most wouldnt be needed.

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My answer comes from Avernum, but I'm assuming it's the same: once you head north from Pyrog's Lair, you find the northern sea, right? In the western part of the sea, there's an island that you can't enter because it has a force field that kills you. There's another island nearby that will help you with this. If you want more specifics, ask, but I'm not sure that the mechanics of this part are exactly the same between Exile and Avernum.


The fort with Khoth's scroll is in giant lands just east of Bargha, across the chasm. Do you have the Orb of Thralni yet? If so, fly across the chasm and enter it. Search thoroughly.


And as far as I know, there are no other walkthroughs. You can generally use anything written for Avernum, though.


EDIT: Oh, and these two answers come from memory, so they may or may not be accurate.

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Argh, that's the one place I didn't look for Aydin. Figures. Khoth said she had made the runes for the empire - and since Aydin was a traitor I just knocked it off my 'places to look' list. Anyways, what's the orb of thralni, and is it a must if I want to get the scroll?

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Indeed and when you do finally get there, don't make the mistake that I did - the central island only has big and nasty lizards, with a little bit of loot. The actual orb is on the bodies of the dead expedition members, in the north-east, just in front of the impassible door. Though there is a passage, around, so you can get into there.

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