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  1. Ha! So I bought the 3 game bundle, followed the instructions to get game 4 to run on my iMac, only to discover I had it. I was really puzzled as I don't remember buying it. I figure it's one of the left overs from late-hubbies computer (he was a HUGE Spiderweb fan). Anyhow, the 3 game bundle is such a great deal that I’m happy to help make Jeff a multi-millionaire by purchasing my own copy. 🤣 Off to travel through Avernum 4. Thanks all!
  2. Thanks, @Lady Antji. That was what I was leaning toward. I've never tried Geneforge, but it's on my wish list.
  3. Color me happy. 🤣 😉 I made it through. Now what's next? Try another series or go on to Avernum 4-6?
  4. Did you like this book? I'd not heard of it before, but it looks interesting and I'm going to order it.
  5. I am jazzed because I actually finished the Golem Factory! Took me several tries and saves, but I managed. I was surprised that I did it without getting to the NE corner of the Upper Factory (never found the switch to turn off the NS beams), but still I made it. Hope I didn't miss anything that I'll need down the road. If so, let me know and I'll try to go get it.
  6. Just thought I'd share that on my second trip through, all went well with this quest. I was arrested, killed the evil guy, went out the secret way, saw the mayor and am now on to other quests. I may go back in and try to loot Troglo Castle just for fun. HAHA
  7. @Randomizer, yes, I'll keep this iMac running as long as I can just to play games. I kinda miss my old Nintendo. It may be up in the attic. Maybe some day I'll have some spry kid climb up there and find it.
  8. I'd love to get another year of this iMac, but security for banking and such is becoming a problem. I may blow some money on a new computer for my birthday this year, I'll see how life is going by then. Yes, smelling the flowers and not trying to pet the Unicorns. HAHA I'm only using the hint book to help keep me on track for the general order to accomplish things, rather then wandering higgledy-piggledy all over the place. I'm about to actually go use the transporter and enter the Tower of Magi, something I hadn't done in my previous games. Maybe that partially explains some thing
  9. Sorry for the delayed reply, but I took time away from the internet to try and get my head in a better spot. I do appreciate all the info, especially on the reward--my reputation needs all the help it can get. HAHA I've actually solved the problem. 🙄 I had recently upgraded my very old iMac with an update to my older OS, and suddenly I was having freezes in loads of basic programs (like Safari, Preview, Mail, etc), and then I had a big freeze in Avernum3:RW. After that I couldn't get it to load any of my saved games, so I dumped the app and reinstalled. That didn't work, so I dumpe
  10. Okay I tried both options: the simple fix and more complicated fix, and neither changed anything. It's honestly not worth driving us both nuts over this. I'll just move on with the game and hope to bump dispel barrier up another way, another town. Thanks!
  11. Thanks, Ess-Eschas. It was a tough battle and I was sure he was dead, but to be on the safe side I doubled checked, and yup, Elhioc is dead. Whew. I opened my last save (which was down in the dungeon), did a fresh save, entered the code, went up the ladder, and nothing. Other then losing experience points/being able to complete a quest/500 in coin/and the scroll "dispel barriers" from Knight, am I going to miss out on anything needed to finish the game? I already have dispel barriers at level 1, so I'm guessing the scroll from Knight might have boosted me to level 2? I
  12. Sorry for bumping up an old thread, but I’m facing the same issue as the OP. I have the scroll. I approach the castle. Everyone runs away. No one throws me in jail. So, I followed the code shared by Ess-Eshas a few posts up, and was able to get the instructions from the King to go kill Elhioc. I followed the contract and left quietly the same way I entered, and then out the secret passage. I didn't stop to talk to anyone, or go up any stairs other then the ladder I used to go down to Elhioc. I didn’t receive any reward, nor a message to return to Mayor Knight. When
  13. Second time through the game and I'm having loads more fun. This time I managed to hit some keyboard command, and now I have what I figure is a log window near the bottom of the screen. Sorry, I don't have anywhere to upload it so that I can show you. It is a scrolling log (?) of everything that is going on: Spitting serpent takes 22 points of magical damage. Serpent attacks Mac. Mac attacks serpent. Etc. What is this interesting window, and how do I turn it off and on? Thanks.
  14. Thanks, Lilith. InherentlyObvious, I hope you enjoy your time in A:EftP.
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