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  1. Thankee! Aside from extra control and access to more unit types, what do the shaping skills grant?
  2. Thankee! I tried the 3 main types and have preferred my Dragonsaurs due to their fast speed, spammable breath weapons, doubly upgradable HP, and innate Haste. Thads (which are effectively ninjas) were handy for more HP and the occasional stun. I didn't like Artilas for their frailty. On Veteran, boosting summon HP has been especially useful just to ensure my minions live through turn 2 or 3 for them.
  3. I boosted Mechanics and Leadership to 6, requiring all of my 30 skill points. I struggled far less and was able to enjoy a faster-paced game. For shaping skills, I've liked dinos for being fast with innate haste and spammable breath weapons. What are the main negatives and positives of each makable creature type? Thankee!
  4. I realized this is how the overworld travel system worked. I still prefer the, "Tag an overworld location to be able to permanently fast travel there on the overworld," but I've used the current system to my advantage. Thankee!
  5. Greetings, all! I'm still playing on Veteran difficulty and I've found this game to be unpleasantly random. Sometimes, enemies would go first and decimate my party, or I'd attack and miss or hit but not stun foes or deal too little damage to kill it. Regardless, I'm now finally a Shaper4 (not Shaper3 as I originally mentioned) - alleluia! - and seek advice on how best to proceed. I still have all my skill points and living tools. I've only spent 200G total to open a door to the Bless spell which I've barely used since it cost essence ('green mana' - the mana type that actually counted
  6. Thankee! This was poorly explained and the Charm effect still seems like a bug. Other conditions like fear are more logical to me. Regardless, leveling to 3 made my Firesaurs easier to control.
  7. Greetings, all! Sometimes in battle, units (friendly and enemy) become Terrified and run around. Odd, but manageable. Stranger and less pleasant is when my units spontaneously become Charmed for no obvious reason and start attacking my side. Often, this has happened after all enemies are dead! This felt like a bug regardless of its intent and I believe it should be fixed. (I play on Veteran difficulty and I'm new to the game.) Thankee!
  8. Greetings, all! I've been enjoying my game so far with the biggest detractor so far being the overworld map. I assumed it was like in many games, where once I unlocked access to a region/map location I could travel there whenever I was on the map instead of needing to walk through every map every time. I assumed that if we were meant to be prevented from warping to an area, scripted events would prevent us from going to that map or through that map node. On a similar note, I want to be able to access the overworld if my main character is on a blue travel spot, regardless of where my cr
  9. Greetings, all! I beat Avernum 1's remake on Torment, meaning I have some experience with Spiderweb's games. I'm new to the Geneforge series: I read a Geneforge review in PC Gamer many years ago but only bought Geneforge 1 as part of the Kickstarter. I started as a Shaper so I can be a Pokemon master, because in this universe, Shapers are gods! And I've normally liked playing mages in general. I'm level 2 and barely explored the island. I've not spent any points because I wasn't sure what stuff was most important, nor how often I should expect to get points. What newbie advice
  10. Normally this is so, but I didn't experience this; hence, the request.
  11. Greetings, all! If Steam is necessary for Geneforge 1 to run, automatically launch the Steam client when running Geneforge Mutagen.exe. Thankee! (I only discovered this when running the EXE with Steam closed since certain Steam-downloaded games don't require Steam to be running if their game EXEs are run directly.) Thankee!
  12. "Emperor Hawthorne, you are guilty of treason! By assuming the office of emperor, you pledged your loyalty to your people, but your corruption and your madness made you desert your love of your people for the love of yourself! "In the name of Avernum, and all that you are not, I wish I could charge you with a century of torment for every life that you have ruined, but that judgment is not mine to give. Your madness shall never understand the mercy of the judgment I pronounce upon you, upon Avernum, and upon the world above. I hereby sentence you to die- not by my hand, but by the hand o
  13. I returned to Aydin then went back to the tapestry in the Black Spire. That worked. And now Hawthorne is dead by my hand! (Too bad I had to turn down the difficulty to Normal from Torment.)
  14. Greetings, all! I'm near the end of the game. I have all 4 password parts and all 5 brooches. I intend to kill Hawthorne, but talking to Erika now that I have these things doesn't give me new dialog options for progressing the assassination plot. It may be because I need a 2-part ritual from Aydin of the Hidden Tower. I visited him and was told about the ritual. I also returned Khoth's scroll to him. Here are my questionable spots. -I found the Black Spire, but can't get past the pulley system. What do I dos? -Where should I go regarding the fungus Aydin mentioned, and what'
  15. Greetings! I've entered the Crypt of Drath. I cleared the first floor as much as I could and fell into the hole. I cleared the floor below that as much as I could, but I can't enter the northwest pentagram room, the southeast area with 2 switches, nor access the boat. Every portcullus is shut, and I know of no way to open them. I have the Stone Key, but that hasn't helped yet. I lack Dispel Barrier L3, meaning I can't get rid of the barriers on B1. What must I do to proceed?
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