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  1. Yah, I specifically stayed home today to receive it, and I never even heard a knock. Fedex opened a case to try and track it down, so we'll see what happens with that. I have a feeling they delivered it to the wrong address and I'm out of the money
  2. Well, today WOULD have been S-day, except Fedex didn't deliver the package but insists they did. Rats.
  3. Whatever else, definitely impressive work if its all (or mostly) a single guy banging out code
  4. Eschalon is pretty fun but the interface is awkward and the games are very repetitive. I don't regret buying them but I do find I only play them in short bursts.
  5. As mentioned in another thread, I figured I'd get a cheapie G4 laptop off ebay, both because I always wanted one (and I like collecting computer stuff) and I figured it'd be a fun system to play Spiderweb games on, rather than running them in WINE on linux. However, it seems that for the three original Avernum games, the store front just directs to GOG which I am led to believe only has the intel versions. I actually own the GOG package already (as mentioned above, to play in WINE). Are there any current store fronts that offer the PPC versions?
  6. Well, a (seemingly) nice condition G4 is on its way, courtesy of some dude on ebay. Assuming "some dude on ebay" didn't lie about the condition, tomorrow is S-Day with Avernum 1 :-)
  7. Thank you so much guys. Alright, I'll pursue this in a bit and then just get the games directly from the Spiderweb website.
  8. Nice, that's approximately a trillion hours of gaming right there. From what I understand, the GOG versions will be intel only right? I suppose Jeff will make more money off direct sales in any event.
  9. Cheers friends. I have been tempted to grab a G4 laptop off ebay since there's usually a bunch floating around, I'm a bit of a collector of computer stuff and honestly, I always wanted one. Now, I'd like to be able to DO something on the system and playing old-school RPG's seems like a great option for a little hobby machine. So assuming its updated to the last OS version available on powerPC, which Spiderweb games would play on it?
  10. I had decided to play the game as a hardcore avadon loyalist, KGB attitudes and all, but I must admit the game made it hard for me to stick the course every time. Haven't finished yet, but looking forward to it. Just stormed the titan camp, which was a lot of fun
  11. I've been on a big "random indie bands off the internet" spree lately, but stuff like Blind Guardian and Hammerfall seem custom fit for these "classic fantasy" RPGs
  12. Well, each of the Avernum game demo's at least load up in WINE. Probably some sound issues, but sound seems to break in every other version of WINE so I am kind of used to that.
  13. I'd rather not do the dual boot but thanks though I just noticed there's demo versions of most (all?) of these games, so that should be a decent test. Failing that, I'll have to see if I can get our old powerbook working again. I am assuming these games will work on a PPC mac?
  14. As a linux user, I was wondering if anyone can help with which spiderweb titles work under WINE? Thank you in advance .
  15. So I picked up the last humble bundle mostly on reflex, since I like to support anything released for linux. Tried out Avadon. "Looks a bit like Baldurs Gate, I'll check it out later". 2 days later and Im hooked. Turn based combat, large areas, very good story and lots of interesting twists? Oh yeah. If more of the games from this company make it to linux over time, I will ensure that you are crowned emperor of known space. Failing that, I'll certainly buy them
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