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  1. I have gained all medals except the two herbal medals (OK and the last two) because I didn't make any potions during the game so I decided to fulfill that accomplishment now. So I went to the sage in Fort Duvno, made about 50 healing potions but in my statistics is still standing that I made 1 potion. I don't know what am I doing wrong, because I doubt that it is because they are all of the same kind because there isn't 50 different potion recipes to achieve Herbal Master medal.
  2. You loose 3 rep if you steal 5000 gold from the royal treasury in The Castle.
  3. Thanks Kreador, for help and for not spoiling anything
  4. Hi, I'm new to the forum, I'm playing Avadon for about a week and I'm realy amazed with the game. Well, everything went smoothly so far, but now I have a little dilema. I'm following Sevilin's quest and I finally found Cahil. He showed me some kind of pardon papers from Redbeard. Now I would like to know what are the consequences of killing him now (or not killing him), and will I be able to confront him later in the game if I let him go.
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