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  1. Well that is sincerely disappointing. Thanks for the info I guess... I had no issues whatsoever with either game on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Oh well, I guess there's always PC, but having them portable was such a delight.
  2. I keep hearing that Avadon 2 won't be coming to Android but nobody ever says why. The last 2 Spiderweb games came out for Android and I love them in that format. No, I don't plan to buy an Ipad, and yes, Im ok with waiting longer for release, I just want to know if there's some hope!
  3. I have this exact same problem. I've suffered through it through about 40 hours in geneforge 1 and it drives me crazy. Windows XP SP3 ATI Radeon 5700. No obvious fix works and nothing mentioned in this thread works. Game runs fine other than this, the problem is that hitting escape to bring up the menu causes the game to freeze for 10+ seconds and so does transitioning an area. There appears to be no fix. Running latest drivers, made every conceivable change to my video settings. Nothing affects it.
  4. Bought. This is my first game from Spiderweb. Glad you're on Steam now.
  5. Drivers have been updated, same problem with the regular exe. Using the launch file you linked me seems to work, but now the graphics look awful, as if they are using less colors and are all blotchy.
  6. As subject. Game loads and graphics display fine, but the game randomly stops running no matter what I do within approx 30-60 seconds of startup and I get sent to the desktop. No error message or anything. I'm running the demo on Windows XP with 4 gigs of ram and a Radeon HD 5770 videocard. I've never had crashing issues with any other game and I can run indie games and big budget 3D games just fine. Any thoughts? I was hoping to try the demo before buying, but if I can't run the demo I'm not going to risk paying money.
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